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You know how I live in the middle of no where? I didn't realize until today just how much I've become used to  a lack of people. One of my friends was hosting a Thirty-One party today and since she lives in civilization, I decided to use my trip down there as an excuse to run some errands.

I had bathing suits to return at Target, checks to deposit (yes, my bank isn't even in the county I live in) and my rings needed to be dropped off at the jeweler to be replated. My first stop was at the bank which shares a parking lot with a flea market on the weekend. The number of cars in the parking lot made me feel slightly claustrophobic. I quickly got over that and headed to Target. Now this is a popular Target and the only one in a pretty large area. But it was absolutely packed! I parked at least a quarter mile away and when I finally got inside, there weren't even any carts left! I'm not used to this stuff! The mall was my last trip and honestly, the worse. Since it is winter and there isn't that much to do, I get that people go shopping or teenagers go there to hang out. But I was seriously overwhelmed at the sheer amount of people I encountered walking through Macy's home and across the "hall" of the mall to my jewelry store.

I'm really curious to see how long its going to take me to adjust once we move back to civilization. But now, that I'm home again, $60 poorer from the Thirty-One party, I'm quite content to hibernate in middle of no where apartment until I need to venture out again on Monday for work.

Sunday - Asian Chicken Noodle Soup 

Monday - Pot Roast in the Crock Pot

Tuesday - Mushroom and Shallot Fritatta

Wednesday - Asian Noodle Salad

Thursday - Shrimp Bisque

Friday - to be determined

Have I mentioned before that Tom now cooks on Fridays so I can start cleaning once we get home? If not, well now you know. :-)

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