Weekly Menu 3/18 - 3/23

I can't believe March is almost halfway over. It seems like since we didn't have a real winter we're in this limbo period where time is going by quickly but the seasons aren't keeping up. Its pretty strange that I was able to wear flip flops last week. Which reminded me that I needed some new ones from Old Navy. I have a bit of a flip flop addiction from there. Well, flip flops in general. Anyone who knows me outside of my blogging life knows that I'm completely content hanging out on a beach all day and being where I can always wear flip flops. I even have a flip flop pendant for my necklace and I'm debating on getting a flip flop tattoo.

So not only did I need to buy my flip flops early (I wear the most common size and they always run out!) but I also needed to start adjusting the menu each week to different foods. It just doesn't seem right to eat soup when you have all of your windows open because its a balmy 78 in your apartment. Usually I don't even start to think about these things until the middle of April so I'm all disorganized this year!

I'm hoping that my St. Patrick's Day menu goes over well. I've never made corned beef before. If it does, I'm hoping there are leftovers because if not, I have no idea what we're eating for dinner on Tuesday. =)

Sunday - Garlic and Herb Crusted Pork with Secret Recipe Club Side Dish

Monday - Recipe Swap Meal

Tuesday - Reuben Quesdaillas

Wednesday - Galumpki Soup

Thursday - Chicken, Bacon and Jalapeno Pasta

Friday - Tom is cooking and hasn't figured out what he wants to make yet. 

I know, I know, I just said its impossible to eat soup in warm weather but I HAVE to make the Galumpki soup. When I saw the recipe I was instantly transported back to sitting in my grandfathers kitchen watching my two aunts make it. I refuse to wait until...well, with this weather for all I know it could be cold in September. But I just refuse to wait that long. 

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