Weekly Menu 4/21


This post is kind of a pathetic excuse of a menu since we are only here for two nights before Florida, but I figured I'd share with you anyhow.

While I am super excited about going on vacation, given the current events of the last week, it almost feels slightly wrong. What is it about the 5 or so days following April 15th that leads people to do stupid things? Columbine, the Oklahoma City bombing, Virginia Tech shooting, etc. all happened with that week on different years. Unfortunately, this year was no different. It started with setting off two bombs at the Boston marathon on Monday which killed 3 people and injured close to 200. After their pictures were released Thursday evening, they continued their terror spree in Boston, killing a MIT police officer, car jacking someone, and essentially shutting down the city for hours. Late Friday evening, it was finally over. One bomber was dead, the other was caught.

In general, I try not to watch the news on a daily basis because I find it too depressing. I barely keep up with current events just by clicking on the articles from the news websites that interest me. But I'll be honest, the majority of my knowledge about what goes on in the outside world is from the message boards where I talk to a group of ladies daily. They were the first to inform me of each event that happened in the past week.

This a lighthearted cooking blog and I intend to keep it that way, but I just need to get a few things out there.

1. If the events of the past week have made you lose your faith in humanity or even question it, please go visit my friend Steph's blog, Life According to Steph, and check out her postscript on this post. She worded it 100 times better than I ever could have.

2. Amid all of the craziness, this was tweeted and it made me laugh.

3. It is 100% not necessary to ever post, retweet or share graphic images. I need these people to think for a minute about how they would feel having a picture of their loved ones with limbs missing blasted all over social media. Have a little class, people. 

4. Right.this.minute reporting is ridiculous. I understand we live in times where we expect information and knowledge right away, but the ridiculous amount of false reporting that went on this week made me give a big ole side eye to the media. It's much more professional to say "We don't know" or "We don't have a verified source" instead of just word-vomiting nonsense. 

5. A million thanks to the average citizens, police officers, first responders, SWAT teams and all of the other agencies in Boston who did everything in their power to keep the residents safe. I can only hope that if a situation like this ever happens in my city, we are half as brave as you. 

To return this to a lighthearted note, 

this is what I plan on doing in Florida. Especially at Universal, where I will make this face pretty much throughout all of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Then I'll probably make it again if I get to see The Grinch in the Dr. Seuss area. Oh, and then I'll probably make the face again and yell 'IT'S SO FLUFFY!' when we visit the Despicable Me area. It's going to be an interesting vacation. Which I'm sure I'll recap on here. 

And if all you came here for was to find out what I'm eating this week, here it finally is:

Sunday - Pepperoni Pizza Sliders


Monday - Taco Calzones

We are leaving for the airport before the sun comes up Tuesday morning and will return the following week. I have some posts scheduled, so don't worry, I'm not leaving you recipe-less for an entire week. :) 

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