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A couple of weeks ago a high school friend posted on Facebook that she was doing a cleanse to lose weight. As she posted her daily results, I noticed more and more of my friends were signing up to do this cleanse. A week or so later, another friend approached me about doing the cleanse at the same time. Strength in numbers and all that jazz. I agreed.

I'll start with the typical disclaimer that I'm not a doctor, dietitian, nutritionist, personal trainer or anyone who you should listen to about what to put into your body. In reality, I believe anything that tells you you'll lose weight just by taking this pill is a joke. Of course if you eliminate something like sugar or carbs from your diet you're going to lose weight. Except, when you eat them again you're going to gain all of the weight back. Then, in most instances you'll try another similar diet and the same thing will happen. This is not healthy. This is called yo-yo dieting. You don't want to do this.

So what am I doing and why am I doing it based off the above paragraph? First, I'm doing the 10 Day Advocare Cleanse. I'm doing it because a friend asked me to join her in this challenge. I don't expect any results. So why do it? Well, I probably would have spent the $30 on something useless so in the off chance this works, then it wasn't a complete waste of money.

What is the cleanse? Basically I'm going to do clean eating without dairy (except eggs) for 10 days. There's certain pills and drinks to take, but that's the gist of it.

However the real kicker is what comes afterward. I plan on finishing the rest of the month with only clean eating recipes. This does mean that I get to include cheese back into my diet, which I'm sure I'll be extremely excited for by the end of this challenge. I was actually able to plan out an entire menu for the rest of the month which is kinda cool. That buys me an extra hour a week!

Sunday: sweet potato and turkey hash, cucumber salad
Monday: crock pot Mexican sweet potato stew
Tuesday: zesty turkey burgers, fries, salad
Wednesday: herb-marinated chicken, brown rice, sauteed spinach
Thursday: shrimp stir fry
Friday: omelets

For lunch I'm having black bean and corn burgers and breakfast is alternating between egg muffins and oatmeal with fruit.

The only recipe above that doesn't completely fit into the challenge is Tuesday's. I can either have the burger on a whole wheat bun or choose not to have it. I can't have the fries, so I might make up some rice to have instead, but it all depends on how I feel that day.

I'll briefly catalog my thoughts and feelings on this throughout the challenge (on these menu posts and on the final day) in case you're interested.

Today, Day 1: as others have stated, the fiber drink is not tasty. Breakfast and lunch were fine, nothing to write home about but it wasn't like I was eating cardboard or anything. I have a headache, but I'm pretty confident its hormone related more than cleanse-related. In summary, I'm fine. 

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