Weekly Menu 2/9 - 2/13


Have you ever had one of those times where you are so busy and there are so many things going through your mind that you're pretty much operating on auto-pilot? That's how I've felt for the last few weeks and unfortunately I don't think it's going to go away any time soon.

Between work being incredibly busy and hectic, trying to finish up the part-time work I do for Tom's brother and just general life stuff like oil changes and grocery shopping, I'm feeling totally overwhelmed, but since I don't even have time to process those feelings or dwelling on them, I'm in this weird auto-pilot state where I'm just drifting through the days getting as much done as I can but not actually remembering anything.

Hopefully everything will die down in a few more weeks and I'll get back to normal. So, this Friday is Valentine's Day. Are you doing anything to celebrate? We're not doing anything on the actual day, but we're going out to get sushi on Saturday. After we get our taxes done, because we're super romantic like that. ;-) The following Saturday is something I'm really excited for...Alton Brown! He's putting on a show at the Hippodrome here and we've had the tickets forever that I can't believe it's actually so soon. I follow him on twitter and from the pics posted of the shows, it looks like it's going to be an amazing time!

Since I don't typically cook on Friday and have been relatively exhausted, I didn't even plan anything special for Valentine's Day. Oops? I've wanted a veggie white pizza lately so maybe we'll order one of those. It's funny though since I have two recipes on the menu this week that would be great on Valentine's Day, but I'd rather just get pizza.

Sunday - filet roast, mushroom risotto, salad

Monday - adobo chicken sandwiches, chips, pickle

Tuesday - caramelized scallops over brown rice with sauteed green beans 

Wednesday - tacos

Thursday - french toast, bacon, fruit 

For breakfast I'm having baked oatmeal with cooked pears and lunch is tuna salad in a pita pocket.

I don't feel as though I've been very creative in recipes and meal planning lately which I really miss. I'm hoping for a weekend soon where we have no plans at all and I can just hang out in the kitchen trying out new recipes.

OH! So how long have I been talking about wanting a deep freezer? I'm pretty sure it wasn't long after I started this blog, which will be 5 years old this fall. So almost 5 years of saying that I really wanted to get this common appliance and would you finally believe that I actually have one now!?
Tom had brought up getting one again, so I hopped online and started doing my research to see what was out there. I found one at HH Gregg with great reviews and a great price. The only downside is it wasn't at our local store, it was about 40 minutes away. Regardless, I told Tom we were going to get it soon. Then I just happened to be talking to an old coworker about vodka cream sauce and how I wanted a deep freezer so I could make huge batches of it. Turns out he had a 5 cubic foot one that he wasn't using at all anymore and only wanted $50 for it! We were only looking to get a 3 cubic foot one but it was $150 so I figured more space for less money was the way to go.

The freezer is definitely bigger than the space we have for it, and it looks a bit opposing hanging out in the kitchen next to the cat food, but whatever, I finally have my deep freezer and I can't wait to fill it with freezer meals and soups. (And apparently Hot Pockets, according to Tom) And when we host the holidays it will serve as a great drink station.

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