Weekly Menu 3/2 - 3/6


March already? If only I could say that with visions of green grass, flowers, warmer temperatures and sunshine but unfortunately Mother Nature is not done with us yet. I'm avoiding looking at the forecast too much because it makes me cranky, but at last check this morning, we're supposed to start with a wintry mix this afternoon through the evening with some possible ice accumulations and then we're going to follow that up with anywhere from 8 to 12 inches of snow overnight and through tomorrow.

Nah Mother Nature, it's cool. I don't have a job or anything to get to... I'm still crossing my fingers that the storm will magically change paths and near further north like it was originally intended to do and leave us with just rain or 1-3 inches of snow. Those northerners can do things like still drive around with 3+ inches of snow. I'm being generous to say Marylanders can pull off driving in 2 or less.

Not to mention that it's been almost a month since the last snow storm we got and there are still areas I pass on my way home where that snow hasn't even melted yet. Insanity, I tell you.

So the menu this week consists of:

Sunday - cinnamon-sugar waffles 

Monday - chicken in a tomato-caper sauce over angel hair pasta

Tuesday - flank steak over blue cheese grits and roasted green beans 

Wednesday - pierogi

Thursday - filet, baked potato and corn 

If I'm stuck working at home tomorrow, I may switch around Monday and Tuesday's dinners. We'll just have to see. I still have a truckload of Greek yogurt from our trip to Costco so I'll have one of those for breakfast along with some fruit. For lunch I made a beef and vegetable soup that I really need to get a good picture of. This will be the 3rd time I've made it!

In other news, last week was pretty damn terrible. I started off the week finding out that my renters insurance was being canceled because I live near a canal. Note the word NEAR. Even during the really bad storms that have happened in recent years, this canal never floods. However, State Farm seems to believe that a tidal wave is in the imminent future so I must find alternate means of insurance. Cue 357 quotes, 965 phone calls and a lot of "you want to charge me HOW much?" questions.

This was followed up by a finicky computer and printer at work on Monday and Tuesday that left me with the inability to print or clear any print related messages. Wednesday took a fun turn when I got a text notification that my bank account was overdrawn. Someone decided to steal my card information and go on a gift card shopping spree to the tune of over $500. Ironically this came the day after I made the 7.0.6 (or whatever it was) upgrade on my iPhone because of missing security measures that should have prevented this from happening.

Thursday was relatively quiet until I went to Target for a prescription and found that instead of 12 refills, I was given 9. Which really sucks when you have absolutely none of that prescription left. I woke up Friday, turned and pulled something in my neck/shoulder area that left me with the inability to look down or to the right. It also took me 9 phone calls to get a prescription filled.

Bank of America has been slowly working at returning my money. As of yesterday I have $7. Mother Nature will inevitably delay the arrival of my new card so I'm hoping to actually have my money back and access to it by Friday when my bills are due again. And then the ever so fun task of updating so many things to my new card information will begin. Ipsy, Birchbox, Netflix, Google, Amazon, Paypal....I'm sure I'm missing 100 others or so. 

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