Weekly Menu 3/9 - 3/13


Oh Daylight Savings Time, how I have never longed to see you more than right now.

Normally DST and I are barely on speaking terms since I lose a precious hour of sleep, but after this incredibly long and snowy winter, I'm willing to part with multiple hours of sleep for longer stretches of (non snowy) sunlight and the hope that spring really is around the corner.

Mother Nature teased us again yesterday with a wonderfully warm day, with highs into the 60's. I celebrated by rolling down the windows, blaring Florida Georgia Line, going to buy wine, getting a pedicure and some Rita's. Aside from that, I was an awesome combination of productive and lazy. We went grocery shopping at Wegman's, which I realized I hadn't been to since December (blasphemy!) and made it home by 10:30 am. That never happens. The rest of the day I spent watching My Cat From Hell, washing clothes, and blogging.

I'm most likely going into work early and staying late every day this week because of how incredibly busy we are, so I planned the menu around convenience. Freezer meals, 20 minute meals and stuff Tom can make on his own. Sound familiar from last week? Apparently it's going to be a theme around here.

Sunday - glazed chicken with szechuan noodle salad

Monday - crock pot chili with beans

Tuesday - garlic roasted shrimp over pasta

Wednesday - turkey-scallion burgers, fries, salad

Thursday - sausage & pepper sandwiches, fries 

For breakfast I'm taking a stab at making my own Kind bars and then a muffin guaranteed to make you think of spring. Lunches will be salads with a spicy grilled chicken. 

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