Suja Juice: A 3 Day Cleanse

Last year, Tom and I were visiting his parents at the beach. He was playing some video game with his dad and his mom and I started talking about this documentary she watched called Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. It’s the story of this guy name Joe who has medical issues and decides to come to America and start a juice cleanse.

I have no idea why you’d come to America, New York especially, to do nothing but drink juice, but he pulled it off. We added my Netflix account to her Tivo and started watching. Ever since then I’ve been fascinated with the idea of juicing.

Not because it’s supposed to be some quick weight loss miracle but because I do believe that we all get stuck in ruts of not eating the healthiest and some times it’s just really hard to get back on track. I’ll be the first to admit that I use this blog as an excuse not to eat as healthy as I could. Which is crap, really.

I pick the recipes, not the blog. I choose what to share with you and if I really wanted to eat nothing but fruits, vegetables and lean proteins, I’m sure I could find enough recipes to keep my readers interested. However, I enjoy sharing the decadent stuff with you. I like making it. I like eating it. (In moderation, in most cases.) Some days you just need dip a piece of bread deep into a pile of warm cheesy goodness like in the Warm Bacon Cheese Spread and some days, your sweet tooth controls your life and you need a Cannoli Cupcake. Basically what I’m saying is you shouldn’t allow food to control you. Indulge when necessary and moderate the rest of the time. It’s a good motto.

So for almost a year I thought about doing a juice cleanse. I debated on buying a juicer, but thought Tom might divorce me if I bought another small kitchen appliance. I researched different companies that sold juices. The flavors, the ingredients, the costs. I read reviews. And I finally decided on Suja juice because I thought I could handle the drinks, I knew of a store that sold them, and they had pretty decent reviews. Then I played the waiting game with myself, because juicing isn’t cheap. Three day cleanses range from $125-$300. That’s a lot of cash to drop on liquid.

Then, about 2 weeks ago I typed something wrong in the Amazon search bar and it showed me that they sell Suja juice. For less money than Suja’s website. (Only a few dollars, but combined with Prime to get free shipping, it was worth it) So I ordered the 3 day cleanse. (The price has actually dropped another $6 since I ordered)

For the last 14 days I’ve been on a fitness kick. I’ve done some form of exercise every day, I have a playlist of music that makes me happy to be working out and I think I’ve really put my mind to the whole weight loss thing.  While I may never be as skinny as I once was, there’s no good reason why I can’t tone up and look better in general. (I try not to set weight loss goals for myself because the scale and I have issues and I get discouraged when it doesn’t move.)

The first adventure was lugging 33 pounds of juice up to our third floor apartment. Workout complete!

I started the cleanse on Saturday March 22, 2014.

To Begin: Suja recommends cutting out dairy, caffeine, red meat, sugars, white flours, etc. I’ll be honest, I half assed this because I completely forgot about it until the day before. 

Before Your First Drink: Mix warm water with lemon juice and a splash of apple cider vinegar and drink that. Yeah I choked down maybe 1/2 a cup. I can’t drink warm water. There are 6 juices that you drink throughout the day, in order.

If You Need to Eat: Suja recommends fresh fruits, veggies, broth-based soups, half an avocado or a baked sweet potato.

The Juices, in order:

Glow: apples, celery, cucumber, collards, kale, mint 
This basically tastes like celery and cucumber with a hint of apple. However, I like vegetables so I didn’t think this was bad at all. 

Fuel: carrots, orange, apple, pineapple, lemon and turmeric 
This is really sweet. I had no problems finishing the entire bottle though. 

Purify: carrot, apple, celery, cucumber, beet, and lemon 
I was not looking forward to this one and it proved to be correct. It tasted like sugary dirt. 

Fiji: apple, celery, cucumber, spinach, collards, kale, lemon, ginger 
I don’t know if it was because I already had a ton of celery tasting drink this morning or I was still grossed out over the last juice, but I wasn’t a big fan of this either. I don’t know whether you’re supposed to slowly drink these or not, but chugging is what got me through this. 

Green Supreme: apple, kale, lemon 
The smell of this one bothered me more than the taste. It’s very high in sugar and made the back of my thoat feel gritty and sore after drinking it. 

Vanilla Cloud: coconut, honey, almonds, cinnamon, vanilla, nutmeg
Since every review raves about how much everyone likes this one, I was excited to try it. I like it, it’s probably my second favorite after Fuel. Tom tired it and said it reminded him of drinking potpourri which made me laugh really hard.  

Day 1 Thoughts: I didn’t feel my best before starting the cleanse. I went to the chiropractor the night before and woke up sore, with a charley horse in my leg and feeling dehydrated. I have a small stomach so it was hard to finish some of the bottles because I felt full halfway in. These are high in sugar so I’ve been drinking them through a straw and drinking water after. I don’t think I drank enough water because my throat has been sore all day. I want to eat just for the mere sake of chewing but nothing is really appealing to me. I know I can have fruits and veggies but I guess I don’t want them enough to actually go get them. A baked sweet potato would also be wonderful now just for the fact that it would be something warm. I had a slight headache all day but it may not be cleanse related. I’ve also been pretty tired all day, but again, not necessarily cleanse related. Watching Food Network wasn’t a good idea. Just sayin…
Cheats: none

Day 2 Thoughts: I woke up with a headache and didn’t really feel like doing this again today. My goal is to keep myself occupied so I can get through the juices that I don’t like as much. It’s going to be a long 6 hours for Purify, Fuji and Green Supreme.
Cheats: I woke up at midnight (after day 1) and wanted a banana. I don’t even like plain bananas so I decided to cave on that craving. I only managed about 3 bites before I was full. I made a vegetable soup with veggie broth to have after the cleanse and I had about 2 tablespoons of that to test the flavors.

Day 3 Thoughts: I don’t know if I’ve just finally adjusted to the flavors or what, but Fuji and Green Supreme went down much smoother than before. I still dislike Purify. This was the first time I experienced actually feeling hungry too. I had the last drink only an hour after the previous one because my stomach was growling and water wasn’t helping. I’m looking forward to real food tomorrrow.

Because everyone cares,  weight loss: I took my weight on the morning I started the cleanse (Saturday) and then the following morning after completing the cleanse (Tuesday). I lost 6.4 lbs.

After the Cleanse: Suja recommends that you slowly reintroduce things into your diet and start off eating smoothies, salads, soups, etc before adding in carbs, red meats, etc. This worked out well for the first two days. Then I had a work dinner on Wednesday where I opted for a crab cake and green beans. I did cheat and have a few bites of creme brulee too because I just can’t pass that up anywhere, but paid for it the rest of the night where because I felt extremely sick. Friday Tom decided to surprise me and we met his brother at Buffalo Wild Wings. I had the blue cheese chicken sandwich with no blue cheese or a bun and ate a side salad with it. 

1 Week Later: 
Weight: I gained 1.4 lbs. back after the cleanse, which isn’t all that surprising. So, a total of 5 lbs. lost which is actually a lot more than I expected. I think it was all water weight since I don’t think I look any different. I feel like my stomach shrunk because I’m full very soon after starting to eat. I still haven’t reintroduced red meat after trying a bit of ground beef and not feeling well afterward. I’ve had very small amounts of dairy (cheese only) and mainly whole grains. I plan on keeping this up as long as possible because I definitely feel better. I am quite content to eat piles and piles of fruits and veggies.

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