Weekly Menu 6/15 - 6/18


Hello there, my wonderful readers. Did you miss me? For as much as I am a procrastinator, I actually love being really busy because it forces me to make lists, set timelines and goals for myself and feel that incredible sense of satisfaction when everything is completed.

However, I realized that I have only done this when either my personal or my work life was incredibly busy, not when both were at the same time. Yet the worlds collided last week and both were incredibly busy, hence me falling off the blogosphere last week.

We went to visit Tom's parents at the beach last weekend. I had Friday as a vacation day. In order to return to work Monday and not be buried until 6 feet of work to do, I opted to work a 12 hour day on Thursday. Then Sunday night, instead of blogging, I opted to go to bed at a reasonable hour to make up for the fact that I'd be getting to work before 7 am on Monday.

I came in early and left late every day last week. This week is going to be even worse because I'm off on Friday again because I'm going to the beach for a girl's weekend with my friend Shannon. It's the same weekend as a music festival in DE so we're leaving Thursday night. Which means I can only come in early AND work late Monday through Wednesday.

Work is busy right now because our biggest customer has a buying trip next month and we need to get all of our items entered into their system. There have also been meetings with new customers, which are going very well but that also creates more work. And then there's the little issue that without all of these new things coming along, it still takes us all week to complete our daily work. So busy is an understatement. :)

I've already committed to not getting home before 9 PM this week, which is why instead of relaxing and planning out better recipes to share with you, I opted to make dinner for the next couple of days. This way I have the choice of either taking it to work and eating it, or coming home and already having it prepared.

Tom chose the menu for this week.

Sunday - Pork in Queso Flameado Sauce with corn on the cob

Monday - Roasted chicken with caramelized tomatoes and herbs, corn on the cob, green beans 

Tuesday - bison pineapple chili 

Wednesday - leftovers

To be completely honest, I'm beginning to reach that breaking point of being so busy and so overwhelmed with everything that needs to be done. I've already decided that the last weekend of June, because we have nothing scheduled, we're going through and deep cleaning everything. Even though my cousin comes and cleans on a weekly basis, we still need to scrub cat snot off the baseboards (don't ask), clean the inside of the oven (any volunteers? I'll pay you) and I want to go through everything we own and throw away what we don't want. We've renewed our lease for the second time and I know there are things in this apartment we've used maybe once since moving in.

Wish me luck to make it through these next 4 days? 

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