Ouri’s Fruit, a Juice Cleanse: A Review

I’ve had this partially typed up forever but never had a chance to actually share this with you. It’s been over a month now since I completed the juice cleanse, but I still wanted you to know how it went, especially since this was so different than my first cleanse. 

Somewhere in the middle of my Whole30 experience, I decided that I wanted to end the experience with another three day juice cleanse. I had positive results on my first one and I figured after eating a diet that lends itself to prepping for a juice cleanse, there was no better time to start one.

I did have to amend the Whole30 and make it a Whole28 in order to not be on my final day of the juice cleanse while on vacation.

I began researching different companies that sold juice cleanses, initially looking for one that was local to me, thinking I could save money on shipping. I found that even local processors charge just as much as those across the country and weren’t nearly as convenient so I quickly abandoned that idea.

I looked on Amazon, figuring if the company was part of Prime, I could get a discount on the shipping at least. That’s where I found Ouri’s Fruit, which is located in New York. I was immediately impressed that I could order on Thursday and have my juice delivered on Saturday. I also found that it was $10 cheaper to order directly through their website than it was to order through Amazon.

Ouri’s Fruit uses cold-pressed organic juices, which is something I wanted. If you’re drinking the pure juice from a vegetable, I just feel better going the organic route. (Says the person who rarely buys organic) The next selling point to me was they offered three different types of cleanses, all 3 day. One for beginners, one for those who have juiced before and one for the hard core juicers.

The beginner juice included a juice with beets so for that mere fact alone, I immediately upgraded myself to the next level. Which wasn’t wrong, exactly, I don’t think I’m an experienced juicer, but I had done a juice before.

This is called the Believer Cleanse and the one I chose to do. I started on Monday June 2nd. As with all juices, you should rid yourself of dairy, alcohol and sugar before starting the cleanse. Ouri’s also suggested meat products, but since I came home starving the night before starting the cleanse I opted not to follow that one and had pulled pork for dinner.

Each morning I had warm water with lemon juice and then when I got hungry I had my first juice. The six juices are as follows:

Sweet Greens: apple, cucumber, celery, green kale, swiss chard, romaine, spinach, lemon, ginger. 

Pineapple Apple Mint: pineapple, apple, mint

Detox Greens: apple, cucumber, celery, wheat-grass, dandelion, watercress, wild arugula, lemon, ginger 

Spicy Lemonade: lemons, cayenne pepper, organic agave nectar

Sweet Greens: (see above)

Almond Milk: spring water, almonds, dates, vanilla, cinnamon 

Day 1: I felt pretty confident going into this, like I knew what to expect. The Sweet Greens was tastier than I expected. Pineapple Apple Mint was by far my favorite. Detox Greens was a bit earthier but still pretty easy to drink. I had been craving lemonade but found that lemonade with cayenne is no joke. It took me almost an hour to drink this one. I drank the second Sweet Greens earlier than I wanted to and should have waited. I felt uncomfortably full for an hour or so. The almond milk was delicious and very dessert like.

I quickly had to get used to having to pee every 45 minutes but that was really the worst part. The spicy lemonade did give me a bit of an upset something but nothing serious, just uncomfortable feeling. I had Tom make his own dinner, but looked at images of food online and didn’t have any desire to eat actual food. I think its because I’m keeping so busy.

Day 2: I had a doctor’s appointment at 8:30 am so I opted to have my first juice after that, which was a little after 9 am. I was hungry for the second and third ones but then got so busy at work I missed my usual time for the fourth juice and didn’t start it until 4:30 pm. I had the 5th juice with me and was worried about it getting to warm in the car on the way home, so I started it around 5:45 and felt stuffed for hours. I didn’t put nearly enough time in between juices 4 and 5. I had my final juice a little after 8 PM.

I don’t know if its because of doing this following the Whole30 or if the second juice cleanse is easier than the first, but I’ve had no food cravings at all. I even made Tom dinner and had no interest in even smelling it. (It was tacos, in case you are wondering)

Day 3: I woke up with an upset stomach that remained kind of gurgly all day, but nothing too bad. I didn’t have that “oh god is this over yet” feeling at all, like I did last time. I spaced the juices out to be every 3 hours or so and finished them around 8 PM again. I could easily have done this for another two days or so with no issues. My coworkers lunch smelled delicious, as did dinner but I had no interest in eating foods. Chewing, a little bit, but it wasn’t that constant-can’t-get-out-of-my-brain like it was with the first cleanse.

I’d really like to do this again.

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