Weekly Menu 10/12 - 10/16


Another busy week ahead! At this rate the entire month of October is going to fly right on by before I even have a chance to savor all things pumpkin and apple!

It's a short week for me, work-wise, because of the family party we're having on Saturday. I took a vacation day so we could head down a day early and help with all of the food preparations. I'm still trying to decide on exactly what I should make. Currently, I'm leaning toward a stuffed olive appetizer, a buffalo chicken sandwich braid and cinnamon sugar pretzel bites.

Sunday: Paleo Taco Shepherd's Pie

Monday: Thai Meatballs with Mashed Potatoes and Green Beans

Tuesday: Shrimp Di Fravolo

Wednesday: Turkey Green Bean Casserole

Thursday: Orange-Glazed Pork, Cranberry Rice and Green Beans 

Breakfast for this week is a chicken, bacon, mushroom quiche and lunch is a sweet potato, spinach and turkey burger with a salad.

Has anyone else been having a hell of a time with their allergies? I'm blaming it on the weather, but I have felt like crap for a week now - constantly sneezing - and like a brick is currently resting on my nose. Ugh!

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