Weekly Menu 10/5 - 10/9


Menu planning so far in advance is always a challenge, however I've found when completing a Whole 30 or a Whole 37 or whatever I'm calling this crazy month of food, it really does help me out, but you can read more about that on Friday. 

I'll also try to share my weekend in Michigan with you next week, but it all really depends on how the week goes and if I end up terribly behind or not! 

Sunday: something in the Grand Rapids airport 

Monday: sausage and peppers, fries for Tom, baked sweet potato for me

Tuesday: honey ginger apple pork in the crock pot, green beans, sweet potatoes

Wednesday: bacon burgers, fries, salad

Thursday & Friday: left over pork 

My breakfast for the week is prosciutto egg cups and my lunch is the leftover kale, spinach and meatball soup from last week. 

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