Girl's Night Menu


My friend Shannon suggested that we have a old-school girls night one evening soon. We ended up choosing today and I offered to host so I could plan another menu. The last thing I really need to be doing is planning another menu when my Thanksgiving one isn't fully prepared yet, but my priorities aren't always in line.

I'm assuming we're going to spend the night watching movies, eating junk food and talking. This menu probably wasn't my most genius invention to create during a Whole 30 since I can't enjoy most of it, but at least it allows me to use up some extra stuff in the freezer I otherwise wouldn't be able to make, right?

Girl's Night Menu 

veggies and dip
pulled pork nachos
fruit salad

Shannon is bringing the veggies and dip and Kayleigh offered to make brownies. I have mac and cheese in the freezer and the soft pretzel bites so I should be able to pull it all together rather quickly. 

I am most looking forward to the pulled pork nachos, which I saw being made last week on the Cooking Channel. I'll have to edit the recipe a bit to make them without sugar but otherwise I think I'll do okay with just the veggies, pulled pork (in a lettuce cup for me) and the fruit salad. 

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