Happy Thanksgiving: Why you Should be at Home

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you're having a great holiday with friends and family, or both!

But what I really hope is you're not reading this while you stand in line outside of some retailer on Thanksgiving impatiently waiting for them to open. If you've been a reader for years, you'll know that I am firmly against stores opening on Thanksgiving and one of these years I'll just share a list of posts with you that I previously shared telling you why I think you should stay home.

First, I don't really expect you to listen to me. You're likely an adult who can make their own decisions and do whatever you want. I just hope that if you were on the fence about shopping on Thanksgiving, you'll hear me out and hopefully change your mind.

In recent years it has become a competition between retailers for who can open their doors the earliest and offer the best sales for Black Friday. Somewhere along the way, "Friday" was lost because stores started opening on Thursday instead. There are two arguments regarding Black Thursday that I hate the most.

1. Stores have always been open for Thanksgiving. Don't work retail if you don't want to work on Thanksgiving. Actually, that's not true at all. The majority of stores never used to be open on Thanksgiving. Less than a decade ago I remember stopping ten different times on the way to my aunts house looking for somewhere that was open and had orange juice I needed for a recipe I was bringing. Stores used to open in the early hours of Friday morning; five or six am. That slowly got earlier and earlier. Retail workers used to say that they had to eat Thanksgiving dinner early in order to go to bed in time to make it to work for the deals. And of course anyone can say "don't work retail if you don't want to work holidays" but have you looked at our economy lately? It's not like we're in a society thriving with jobs where retail workers are nothing but high school kids.

2. But police, firefighters, nurses, doctors, etc. have to work so who cares if stores are open. Yes, well those are considering essential personnel for emergencies. Cashiers, stockers, warehouse and store managers are not. If my house was on fire, I'd much prefer a firefighter to come instead of a cashier, wouldn't you?

But here is the real reason you should stay home:

Retailers have admitted that by opening on Thanksgiving there is no increase in sales and because of this many of them are offering  THE SAME deals online on Thanksgiving day. 

Now, I don't know about you, but after stuffing my face with turkey and all the fixings, who the hell wants to put on pants and go outside in the cold to go shopping? Slip on those fuzzy penguin pajama pants and matching socks and do your holiday shopping from your computer chair. You seriously can't tell me that's not more appealing.

Also, don't forget, retail workers are people too. Most of which have families they would like to celebrate Thanksgiving with. Last year it was a conflict of interest for me to get detailed, but that's no longer the case. My cousin works for Walmart. She works overnight, getting off at 7 am. So Thursday morning she gets off at 7 am and guess what time she has to go back into work. 4 pm. Just enough time between shifts to make it legal. Not nearly enough time to get anything more than a shower and a catnap, much less see family for a holiday.

So, hugs and kisses  to these stores who are NOT opening on Thanksgiving:

P.C Richard & Son
Game Stop
HomeGoods/TJ Maxx
Pier 1
Crate & Barrel
and a few others! 

If you hate the idea of stores opening on Thanksgiving, check out the Boycott Black Thursday Facebook page! 

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