What’s Baking: Crustless Caprese Quiche

Quiche is a very hit or miss recipe for me. Either I like it and I want to devour the entire plate of it, or I don’t like it at all. I blame this entirely on the eggs, which is unfortunately a necessary ingredient in making quiche.

I don’t like scrambled eggs at all and quiche reminds me of them, even when they are full of other ingredients. However, I keep trying out new quiche recipes because there are a few that I’ve had and really liked.

And it just so happens that the theme for What’s Baking this month is quiche. The hostess of What’s Baking for April is Liz, over at Books and Cooks. There will be a round up towards the end of the month with all of the quiche recipes we’ve created, but don’t wait that long, go check out her blog now!

I love caprese. You can never go wrong with the classic combination of tomatoes, fresh mozzarella and basil. I love these three flavors so much I couldn’t wait to put them together in a quiche.

Crustless Caprese Quiche
Source: Food Network
Servings: 8
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    • 1/3 cup + 2 tbsp. breadcrumbs
    • 2 tsp. olive oil
    • 1 medium sweet onion, finely diced
    • 4 plum/Roma tomatoes, divided
    • 2 eggs + 2 egg whites
    • 1/2 cup part-skim ricotta cheese
    • 1/2 cup milk
    • 1/4 cup fresh basil, thinly sliced + 1 sprig for garnish
    • 4 oz. shredded mozzarella 
    • salt and pepper 

1. Preheat the oven to 350 and spray a deep 9-inch pie plate with non-stick cooking spray.
2. Chop 2 of the plum/Roma tomatoes and set aside. Thinly slice the other 2 tomatoes and pat dry with a paper towel or dish towel to remove excess liquid. Set aside.
3. Evenly sprinkle the 2 tablespoons of bread crumbs all over the plate.
4. Heat the olive oil in a small skillet and cook the onion over medium heat until softened and translucent, about 15 minutes. Stir in the chopped tomatoes, season to taste with salt and pepper and cook for 1 minute more. Remove from the heat.
5. Add the 1/3 cup breadcrumbs, eggs, egg whites, ricotta cheese, milk and 1/4 cup basil to a blender or food processor and puree until smooth. Stir in the onion and tomato mixture.
6. Pour the mixture from the blender into the prepared pie plate. Sprinkle the shredded mozzarella on top, then arrange the tomato slices in overlapping layers.
7. Bake for 35-45 minutes or until the center is set (no longer jiggles when you move the pie plate) and the cheese has lightly browned.
8. Remove from the oven and let rest for 10 minutes before slicing into 8 wedges. Garnish with additional basil and season to taste with salt and pepper.

I thought this quiche was pretty good. I think a drained, diced (canned) tomato mixed into the blender mixture would probably work better than using fresh tomatoes because of their high water content. I would add a bit more mozzarella cheese to this, but overall the flavors were delicious and I ate a whole slice!

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  1. Love these flavors! Thanks for baking along!

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