Cookie S’more Sandwiches

As you can probably tell by the amount of s’mores related items in my recipe index, I absolutely love the concoction of chocolate, marshmallow and graham cracker. You can go classic and make a regular s’more, you can add the ingredients to brownies or cakes or ice cream or just about anything really and I’ll want to try it immediately.

When I saw this recipe my first thought was that it was absolutely genius, followed by “MUST.MAKE.IMMEDIATELY” So I added the ingredients to my grocery list and whipped these up in barely 10 minutes.

You can put as much or as little effort into this cookie sandwiches as you’d like. With a busy weekend ahead of me, I opted to go for the easiest version which was buying a family pack of chocolate chip cookies, a tub of frosting and a tub of marshmallow fluff. I could have even made it easier and purchased graham cracker crumbs (because they actually sell those!) but using the meat mallet and pounding out some graham crackers is a great way to let go of your frustrations from the week. 😉

Cookie S’more Sandwiches
Source: Penny Pincher Jenny
Servings:18 sandwiches
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    • 36 chocolate chip cookies, store bought or homemade
    • ⅔ cup chocolate frosting, store bought or homemade
    • ⅔ cup marshmallow fluff
    • 4 graham crackers, crushed

1. Match cookies into evenly sized pairs.
2. Use a offset spatula to spread marshmallow fluff on the bottom of half of the cookies, spreading to the edges.
3. Use a spatula to spread chocolate frosting on the bottom of the other half of cookies, spreading to the edges.
4. Match cookies back up, one side fluff and the other side frosting.
5. Put graham cracker crumbs into a shallow dish and roll cookies through the crumbs sideways to get them to stick to the frosting and fluff.
6. Transfer the batter to the bundt pan and even out the top with a spoon or spatula.
7. Serve!

To be honest, the most difficult part of this recipe wasn’t eating the cookies before I could turn them into sandwiches. I even had to place a note on them saying “Don’t eat! For a recipe!” to stop myself and Tom from gobbling them up. 

And then I made the recipe and we really had a problem. This is one of those crowd pleaser desserts that you go to grab one cookie and the next thing you know you’ve eaten 10 of them. I’m not even joking. I had to physically slap my own hand to stop from grabbing another one. 

I split the batch in half, leaving half at home and taking half to my coworkers. My workday starts at nine in the morning. It wasn’t even half past ten before these were entirely devoured, a simple white plate with a few cookie crumbs left behind. 

So the next time you’re invited last minute to a cookout or you forget you’re supposed to bring something to any type of gathering, let this be your go-to recipe because everyone is going to love you for it. 

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