Weekly Menu August 14 - 18


It's my third week of trying to eat mainly from the freezer, fridge and pantry and only purchase produce and dairy. My rules are simple:

1. Any recipe not making on a specified week will be carried over to the next week.
2. Any ingredient with a near expiration date will get preference over other ingredients.
3. Two cheat items are allowed per week.
4. Ingredients needed for blogging events/challenges/etc. do not count against the rules
5. Produce and dairy will be the main categories purchased weekly.

I had plans to share the menu with you on Sunday, as usual, but my trip home from the beach took significantly longer than anticipated. The beach vacation was pretty good, my cousin and I took our time getting down there on Thursday and did some outlet shopping before going to my aunts house. It was mid-afternoon by the time we got settled in and we decided to hang around there until going out for dinner at The Blue Crab in Bethany. Friday we braved the heat and humidity and went to the beach. We made it from ten to barely noon before we called it quits. The sun ended up giving my cousin a migraine so we stayed in that night.

Saturday we got smart and went to the pool at the golf course where my uncle is a member. It was glorious to float around in the salt water pool for nearly an hour before all the families and kids started to show up. We've decided, the beach is fun for sunrises and sunsets, but we'd rather hang out at the pool, especially because it opens at ten am! Saturday night we drove into Ocean City and did some shopping on the boardwalk until I realized I didn't have my license. My cousin didn't have her glasses so instead of taking our chances in the tourist town, we obeyed every single driving law on the way home to get my license. We were supposed to go back out but ended up staying in again, just being tired of stupid people and traffic that we'd endured. (Signs you're getting old.)

Bethany Beach, DE is on average, 2.5 hours from my house. It took five hours to get home on Sunday for absolutely no good reason. Cars would group together with two people pacing each other in the left and right lane below the speed limit over and over again. Or someone would be tailgating then randomly slam on their breaks and create a chain reaction of it for miles. It was a rather aggravating drive.

I forced myself to go grocery shopping and make my breakfast. Luckily I only needed to make hard-boiled eggs for lunch. But my poor coworkers. They aren't going to have any baked goods. (I'm sure they can survive a week.)

Sunday: lawnmower tacos 

Monday: hawaiian chicken tenders, fries, peach and tomato salad

Tuesday: pork tenderloin with chipotle cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes and green beans 

Wednesday: flank steak, baked potatoes, grilled vegetables

Thursday: sausage hash brown balls, fruit 

Breakfast for this week will be prosciutto egg cups and my lunch will be a cobb salad.

Most of last week's recipes didn't get made for a lack of planning and pulling things out of the freezer on my part. Also, who feels like cooking before vacation? Not me! So those recipes will get recycled into next week's rotation.

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