Fast Metabolism Diet Thoughts, Days 1-14

As a way to hold myself accountable and let others know how the Fast Metabolism Diet is on a daily basis, I thought I’d keep a log of some thoughts for each day. This will be shared with you every two weeks until I hit my goal weight.

turkey avocado lettuce wraps for P3 – amazing! 

Day 1, January 9
Breakfast: It appears the “pinch” of salt I added to my steel cut oats yesterday was much larger than a pinch. May need to swap out tomorrow’s breakfast for spelt pretzels because it’s way too salty to eat and I can’t add any more stevia.
Lunch: the P2 Caeasar dressing that is all over Pinterest is MUCH too sour and acidic for my tastes. I was gagging down the last of my salad because it was burning my tongue. Going to add more stevia tonight and see what happens.
Water: I believe I have peed 10 times today, one for every cup of water I drank.
Fail: I forgot peaches for my breakfast so I ate the berries from my later snack, skipped a fruit with lunch and then ate my apple that was supposed to go with lunch for my second snack, because it’s better to follow the eating times.
Win: Free coffee and pizza were brought into the office. I found a Snickers in my desk. None of which was consumed.
Day 2, January 10
Pretzels were the perfect substitution for the too salty oats. Overall, not a great day. I got blindsided with a 3 hour conference call where I couldn’t eat, refill my water or pee which messed up my whole eating schedule. It’s just a really, really bad day overall and I’m super upset and stressed. I forgot enough fruit for snacks yet again. I’m hoping to master the mug cake and that it will provide comfort.
Day 3, January 11 – 
Well, if anything I’m being consistent with forgetting something. I forgot the veggies to go with my breakfast and had to take from both of my snacks, which meant I had less than a one-cup serving for both. I ate 4 cups at dinner to make up for it. Phase 2 is usually the hardest and it wasn’t bad at all. Not sure if it’s because I was super busy or what. I really wanted something sweet last night and ended up ordering powdered egg whites on Amazon to make a lemon smoothie. It won’t arrive in time, but I’ll be ready for next week!
Day 4, January 12 –
I’m happy it’s the last day of Phase 2. Adding bell peppers to a salad really helps make it sweeter and makes me feel like I’m eating more than green veggies. I didn’t realize I had compliant pickles in the fridge until last night and I am super excited to eat them as a snack. I can’t stop thinking about gum or mints. I need to find something compliant.

vegetable and fruit prep for Phase 1 and 2

Day 5, January 13 – 
Friday, one of the hardest days for me because I work 9+ hours then immediately go grocery shopping for the week. I changed up nearly my entire meal plan for today.
Breakfast: cherry blueberry spinach smoothie, 1/2 an English muffin toasted and topped with a fried egg and slice of turkey bacon.
Snacks; carrots with guacamole and cashews with spicy green beans
Lunch; turkey avocado lettuce wraps with tomato, radish and carrots inside, spelt pretzels and raspberries.
Smoothies in 30 degree weather suck, but so does eating 2 cups of cooked veggies for breakfast. I wish I could find a compliant bread that doesn’t taste like cardboard. Maybe I’ll just buy all English muffins and use those instead. Prepping dinner (cashew chicken in the crock pot) nearly made me late for work. I should have done it the night before.
Day 6, January 14-
Weekends are hard. I feel the need to graze but I can’t. I’m also annoyed today that we still have Christmas chocolate around that my husband is eating.
Day 7, January 15 – 
So I thought the scratchy feeling in my throat was because of the spinach I put in the smoothies (it always happens), yet instead I’m sick. Hacking cough, slight fever, just want to sleep, sick. Today is a fail. I’ve managed broth, pretzels and frozen cherries.
Day 8, January 16 – 
I can’t find cough drops anywhere without sugar. I know this is going to hamper my weight loss but I can’t handle this cough. Gargling with salt water does nothing. I followed the eating plan but everything tastes terrible and I’d rather sleep.

food prep for Phase 1 and 2

Day 9, January 17 – 
I still feel terrible. I’m still taking unapproved cough drops and medication because I can’t function otherwise. At least the food is relatively bland and easy to eat.
Day 10, January 18 – 
Phase 2 while sick is miserable. I’ve had soup and gagged my way through a salad because the dressing is to acidic for my messed up taste buds. I’m less congested but the hacking cough is still there.
Day 11, January 19 – 
Phase 2 really is the worst. Meat. Vegetables. Meat. Vegetables. I’d steal a piece of fruit from a baby at this point. Almost over…
Day 12, January 20 – 
Phase 3 is really glorious after Phase 2. Despite it being cold I’m really enjoying smoothies as a way to get all the veggies down. I think pureed soups and smoothies are going to be the way to go.
Day 13, January 21 – 
I really have a problem with grazing on the weekends. I’m eating every 2 hours, but its small meals and not necessarily following the diet. I know this isn’t good, but I’m still sick and just don’t feel like eating much.
Day 14, January 22 – 
Well the first two weeks are complete and I’m about to start the third week. The scale is optimistically down nearly 10 pounds which I’m curious to see if it will stay that way. I haven’t seen the scale under a certain number in 2 years and would really, really love to get there.


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