Family Traditions: Sausage Making Parties

You may have learned from reading this blog that I am always up for having people over to feed. A holiday, a party, a random Saturday…I’m good with it all. If I get to feed people, I’m happy.

Three years ago my cousin and I were sitting around the kitchen island in my aunt’s house in Bethany Beach and somehow we got to talking about making kielbasa (Polish sausage). I had a few memories as a kid of my aunts and mom making it, but I knew it hadn’t been done as a family event in years. So that day we decided I would host the first kielbasa making party. It was five of us, my mom, two of my aunts, my cousin and I and we turned 20 pounds of ground pork into kielbasa and a ton of dough and mashed potatoes into pierogi. The second year another aunt and my friend joined us and we made more kielbasa, some spicy Italian sausage and cruschicki (angel wing cookies).

The whole process cracks me up and I love the looks I get when I tell people I’m having a sausage party. Because really, why not have a little fun with the fact that multiple women are standing around making sausage for hours?

This past Saturday we continued the tradition again. In addition to our last year’s group of people, another one of my friends joined us and we decided to top out at 50 pounds of ground pork, split 30 pounds of spicy Italian sausage and 20 pounds of kielbasa. Knowing that it was a ton of meat, I decided to not include anything else in the list of what we needed to make.

For each of these events, I’ve always served a lunch so we’d have something to pick at while cooking. This year was no exception, but I decided to have the menu include Polish foods.

Here’s what we enjoyed:

Farmer’s cheese spread on rye
Mizeria – Polish cucumber and sour cream salad
ham and pimiento cheese sliders
turkey and cheddar sliders
 Placek z Jablka – Polish apple cake


Of course, the sliders aren’t Polish but I wasn’t able to find any recipes for Polish finger foods that would work well for the party.


Check back on Friday for the apple cake recipe!


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