Happy Thanksgiving!

I honestly cannot believe that it is Thanksgiving already. It doesn’t feel like it at all. I still can’t figure out how fall happened and have been avoiding pulling out my winter jacket in hopes that the cold season will just pass us by.


The appetizers have been assembled and are ready to be put out. The mashed potatoes are warming up in the crock pot. The turkey and the other sides are patiently waiting to be warmed up in the oven and family should be arriving in a few hours.
Every year I wonder what in the world I’m getting myself into, but I’d never change it. The circumstances, the size of the house and the available seating, I’d change in a heartbeat, but getting to feed a bunch of family members at once? Never.
I live for this one a year case of organized chaos and insanity. Next week I’ll be equally starting on Thanksgiving recipes for next year as well as putting together Christmas ones to share with you for this year.

I hope you have a great time together, whether with family or friends, and enjoy everything you eat.

From my kitchen to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!


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