Meal Plan Monday – February 12-18th, 2018

Is it just me or has winter crawled to a snail’s pace? At least it’s the middle of February, but I feel like we’ve been in the winter months for at least 6 months now. Which is about 5 more months than I can stand.

Luckily I have a lot of stuff this spring to look forward to, like my girl’s trip to Vegas in the beginning of April and possibly a trip to Texas at the end of April. While I’m hoping those two things hurry these cold months along, it also made me realize I haven’t done much to be ready for vacation…like lose that last 10 pounds that’s hung around for more summers than I can count. Hopefully I can manage to do it in time and if not, at least before the summer is good enough for me.

I initially planned to switch between the Fast Metabolism Diet and the Food RX plan from now until I go on vacation, but since these first 28 days have been 50% failures, I’ve decided I’m going to just stick with FMD right up until the week before vacation.

In keeping with that, the menu is as follows:

Monday: oatmeal pancakes with rhubarb sauce and turkey bacon

Tuesday: stuffed pepper soup

Wednesday: crock pot pepper steak and onions

Thursday: grilled chicken with green beans

Friday: sheet pan cashew chicken

Saturday: spaghetti squash spaghetti

Sunday: Italian turkey burger soup

Phase 1 – spelt pretzels and berries
Phase 2 – turkey patties and mushrooms
Phase 3 – berry cobbler

Phase 1: balsamic beef roast with quinoa and tomatoes
Phase 2: balsamic beef roast over salad
Phase 3: Irish pub salad

I won’t be taste-testing any of the baked goods I’m making this week but there are cookie dough cheesecake bars, coconut rhubarb bread and King Cake made and shared just in time for Mardi Gras.

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