Updates to the Site

As you may have noticed, things look a little different around here. 😀

I’ve been blogging for nearly a decade and for nearly the same amount of time, people have asked when I was going to switch from Blogger to WordPress. At first I avoided doing it because there was just too much to learn to use WP, then I used the excuse that I didn’t want to pay for a hobby and eventually that it was just too much work.

In the last year, the functionality I’ve needed with Blogger has just not been there. I’ve tried different templates, new people to install them and even found different advertising companies when it just hit me one day. Why was I continuing to blog on a site where the Instagram feed never updated, the recipe index crashed randomly and the search function was a joke?

First and foremost, blogging will always be a hobby to me. I have no interest in becoming a full-time blogger. I think it would lose it’s appeal if it became my job. Just like I don’t really like paying bills and reconciling accounts at home since it’s what I do at work. It took another month of me thinking about it and researching damn near everything before I finally decided to make the switch.

It didn’t hurt with my brother in law around, since he’s familiar with using WP that I could ask him questions. As much as I like my new site, it’s not perfect and there’s been a significant amount of behind the scenes trying to get it ready for you by today. I’m still not there, yet here we are.

Nearly a decade of blogging resulted in over 1600 recipes, over 1,000 of which did not come in formatted correctly and were not able to be fixed by any available plug-in. So I decided to remove them from Cookaholic Wife. Some will be temporary until I can remake the recipe and others will just never appear again. I’m sure this is terrible for my google ranking and other things I still don’t quite understand, but I’d rather have a functional blog with less recipes available to my readers sooner than essentially recreating a decade’s worth of history while my blog limped along and likely lost readers. Plus it was getting to be exhausting creating a post in one format, copying it over to the other and scheduling it to go live at the same day and time with photos and links and etc.

If you come across a recipe that is no longer available, I likely still have it saved as a Google doc somewhere, so please feel free to email me at cookaholicwife@gmail.com and I can get you a copy.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the new site and the functionality that comes along with it that has been missing for so long!



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