Fried Ice Cream Cake

Fried Ice Cream Cake is a delicious take on a classic summer treat. Ice cream is coated in a crunchy fried topping and refrozen, then sliced like a cake.




  1. Set your ice cream on the counter for at least 30 minutes to let it thaw.
  2. Place corn flakes in a food processor and pulse a few times until the crumbs are about the size of peas. Measure out 3 cups and place into a zip top bag. Add sugar and cinnamon and toss to coat.
  3. In a medium skillet, add butter and melt over medium-low heat. Add in the cornflake mixture and cook for 5 minutes, stirring constantly, until the corn flakes are golden brown.
  4. Remove from the heat and allow to cool.
  5. In the bowl of a stand mixer, combine the ice cream, whipped topping and vanilla. Beat on medium speed with the whisk attachment until combined.
  6. Press an even layer of the cornflake mixture into the bottom of a springform pan.
  7. Spread the ice cream on top and then top with an even layer of the cornflake mixture.
  8. Seal the sides of the pan, cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate for at least 4 hours or until the ice cream has hardened again.
  9. Remove from the freezer, release the edges of the pan and slice.
  10. Optionally, drizzle slices with honey, caramel syrup or chocolate syrup.


Vanilla is a popular ice cream flavor choice for this recipe, but feel free to change it up with chocolate, cookies and cream, butter pecan, or anything that you’d enjoy.

Ice cream can be made with milk, lactose free or dairy free.

Whipped topping can be dairy or dairy free.

I made this recipe using an Anolon 9″ Springform PanĀ 

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