Kentucky Hot Brown Pizza

The Kentucky Derby is taking place today! Have you ever watched it or attended? I can’t say I’ve done either, but it is on my list of things to do at some point in my life. Since I don’t really know anything about horse racing, maybe I should start off […]

Thai Naan Pizza

October’s ingredients for the Improv Cooking Challenge are carrots and curry. At first this really threw me because I am not at all familiar with curry. I’ve tried yellow curries and cooking with curry powder and as much as I’d like to like it, the food just doesn’t agree with […]

Pizza Meatloaf Minis

The second Monday of the month has arrived and it’s time for the Secret Recipe Club again! This month I was assigned to An Affair from the Heart, which is written by Michaela. Michaela is a stay at home mom, although her oldest is now in college and her youngest […]

BLT Pizza

When I hear the letters “BLT” I’m instantly interested. How can you ever go wrong with crispy salty bacon, fresh lettuce and sweet, acidic tomatoes? In my world, you can’t. It’s just impossible. Add in some turkey or avocado and now you’re really talking. I think the only real thing […]

Prosciutto and Arugula are the toppings for this personal sized pizza made on a pita bread

Prosciutto Arugula Pita Pizza

Prosciutto Arugula Pita Pizza is a quick and easy weeknight meal. Pita bread replaces pizza dough and is topped with mozzarella cheese, prosciutto and arugula, then drizzled with honey.  Original Recipe: July 10, 2015 | Updated Recipe: July 27, 2020 Who has time to make homemade pizza dough? Even with […]

Jalapeno Popper Pizza

Recipe Remake: There is absolutely nothing wrong with this pizza that it deserved to be remade at all, but I just wanted to share a slightly better picture and get this post back out there into the blogging world.  It still is one of my favorite pizza recipes, ever, and […]

Improv Challenge: Pizza alla Vodka

I had every intent of participating in the Improv Challenge last month. The ingredients were bread and butter. I even went as far as to make a delicious bread (that I’ll share with you tomorrow) and a butter for it, but the time to sit down and post the actual […]

Homemade Pizza Rolls

When I was adjusting the menu for the party I had at the end of September, I was trying to find quick appetizer-style recipes that would work well with the other things we were serving. I hopped onto my Pinterest account to see if I had anything worthwhile saved and […]

Margherita Pizza

I am sad to admit that I only had fresh mozzarella cheese for the first time last year. Yes, I spent 26 years of my life eating the shredded mozzarella cheese you get in a bag. I can also admit it was quite some time before I realized that the […]