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Unexplained Experiences – Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! As it’s the season of ghost stories and horror movies, I decided to take a break from sharing recipes with you today to share two unexplained experiences I’ve had.   I don’t entirely believe either way whether ghosts exist or not. I definitely don’t think there are spirits […]

Updates to the Site

As you may have noticed, things look a little different around here. 😀 I’ve been blogging for nearly a decade and for nearly the same amount of time, people have asked when I was going to switch from Blogger to WordPress. At first I avoided doing it because there was just […]

July 2018 Things

July is gone? How did this happen? I am in shock that it is already August. In the past couple of years I’ve noticed that the even years seem to have the months fly by, but the odd numbered years, they pass along at a much more normal pace. Even […]

18 Things About Me for 2018

I was going back through some really old blog posts and realized that I haven’t shared an about me post in a really long time. Of course, you could read the About Me page… but if you’re curious to know what 18 additional facts I’ve managed to come up with […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

I honestly cannot believe that it is Thanksgiving already. It doesn’t feel like it at all. I still can’t figure out how fall happened and have been avoiding pulling out my winter jacket in hopes that the cold season will just pass us by.   The appetizers have been assembled […]

Holiday Hosting Tips

Hi, my name is Nichole and I have a holiday hosting problem. It’s true, ever since I got into cooking and baking I’ve started hosting holidays until I managed to take over all of them. I leave the summer months to my mom because she has a pool, but Thanksgiving, […]

Family Traditions: Sausage Making Parties

You may have learned from reading this blog that I am always up for having people over to feed. A holiday, a party, a random Saturday…I’m good with it all. If I get to feed people, I’m happy. Three years ago my cousin and I were sitting around the kitchen […]

Amazon Fresh: A Review

Grocery delivery service seems to be the hot new thing. For the longest time, the only one I knew of was Peapod, which works with the Giant stores here. Then Amazon unveiled their Fresh program and Walmart followed up with their pick up service. I’ve never really minded grocery shopping. […]