Scallops with Orange Rum Sauce

I’ve had this scallop recipe saved forever but it never got made because scallops are just so ridiculously overpriced here. I can get them from the grocery store closest to me but I’d consider the quality semi-sketchy. My only other alternative is Wegman’s where they’re sometimes as high as $32 […]

Paleo and Vegan Wild Mushroom Risotto

If you’re a long-time reader you’ll know that risotto has always been one of my favorite dishes and the first risotto dish I mastered was of the wild mushroom variety. I know a lot of people shy away from this dish because it is often referred to a very time […]

Breakfast Risotto

If you like risotto you’re going to want to check your fridge and pantry to see how many ingredients you have on hand. Like, right now. I’ll wait.    …     Great, you’re back. So, you pretty much need this dish in your life. I’m not even joking when […]

Chicken Fried Rice

I feel like fried rice is the underdog of the Chinese food menu. It comes along with many lunch combos and most people think of it as just a filler or an appetizer along with their preferred meal. I, myself have been guilty of this. I tend to rotate between […]

Shrimp and Asparagus Risotto

All week I couldn’t wait to make this recipe. I have a serious obsession with risotto and when the idea to add shrimp and asparagus came into my head, I knew I had to try it out right away. Creamy risotto becomes a complete meal with the addition of shrimp […]

Emeril’s Shrimp Fried Rice

The night that I made this was a gigantic disaster. Tom had told me that his brother was going to come over for dinner. The apartment was a mess but I figured I could get the kitchen cleaned up before he got there. I left work and then proceeded to […]