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Honey Whiskey Apple Cider

I spent many a year hanging out in a friends basement drinking underage so by the time that my twenty-first birthday rolled around, going out to drink it bars wasn’t all that exciting. It was mainly just really expensive compared to drinking at home. By the time my twenty-fifth birthday […]

Happy Halloween! OUAT: Captain Hook’s Rum Punch

Happy Halloween! I wish you all your favorite candy bars. 🙂 Moving right on along through my Once Upon A Time party, today I’m sharing Captain Hook’s Rum Punch with you. Captain Hook is one of my favorite characters so I’m going to try really hard to keep this as […]

Improv Challenge: Pizza alla Vodka

I had every intent of participating in the Improv Challenge last month. The ingredients were bread and butter. I even went as far as to make a delicious bread (that I’ll share with you tomorrow) and a butter for it, but the time to sit down and post the actual […]

Limoncello Gelee

Back in April, I made limoncello as part of my 28 Recipes before my 28th Birthday. Of course, after making the limoncello I realized I had absolutely no idea what in the world I could do with it. Then right before the holidays I was looking around on Pinterest and […]