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thai cashew beef

Thai Cashew Beef

Thai Cashew Beef is a simple but flavorful stir fry style dish with Thai flavors that can be made using up just about any veggies you might have hanging out in the fridge. I love Thai food. I’ve only had what I’ve been able to create from recipes myself, as […]

Jalapeno Popper Bacon Turkey Burgers

Happy 5th of July! Did you have a good holiday weekend? Unfortunately the weather wasn’t nice here. I managed to spend a few hours at the pool on Saturday and it was polite enough not to rain on my mom’s party on Sunday, but it wasn’t sunny or all that […]

Cheesy Jalapeno Bacon Bombs

Many moons ago my friend shared an image of these delightful little creations with me on Facebook and asked that I make them soon. I quickly looked up the recipe and saw that these little bombs of goodness are right up my alley. Bacon. Cream Cheese. Jalapeno. Really, what more […]

Recipe Remake: Jalapeno Popper Pizza

Recipe Remake: There is absolutely nothing wrong with this pizza that it deserved to be remade at all, but I just wanted to share a slightly better picture and get this post back out there into the blogging world.  It still is one of my favorite pizza recipes, ever, and […]