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peach clafoutis

Fresh Peach Clafoutis

Fresh Peach Clafoutis is the perfect summer dessert. A custard-like batter turns into a fluffy cake surrounded by slices of fresh peaches. Top it off with some powdered sugar and/or vanilla ice cream for the best dessert you’ll enjoy this summer.  It makes me so happy each summer when peaches […]

Corn Maque Choux

Corn Maque Choux is a traditional Louisiana dish made with corn, bell peppers, onions and cajun spices. Milk or cream is added, making the dish similar to a creamed corn.  How in the world have I not shared Corn Maque Choux with you yet? I’ve been making this recipe for […]

Mashed Potatoes for a Crowd

I’m back with another recipe for Holiday Side Dish week! I’ve probably mentioned this a million times but my mom has never been a great cook. But one thing that she always did was make homemade mashed potatoes. I honestly didn’t even know that you could get “mashed potatoes” from […]

Slow-Churned Horchata Ice Cream

Happy Monday! Can you believe we’re already two and half weeks into July? The summer is going by too quickly! I don’t like it. For the Secret Recipe Club this month, I was assigned to Famished Fish, which is written by Saundra. Like me, Saundra is most relaxed in the […]