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Orange Sweet Rolls

Orange Sweet Rolls are the perfect breakfast or brunch treat, filled with orange flavor. The sweet roll dough has orange zest in it and the rolls are filled with orange marmalade then topped with a cream cheese and orange flavor glaze. Is there anything better than a sweet roll for […]

Cranberry Orange Sweet Rolls

Cranberry Orange Sweet Rolls are a pillowy breakfast roll filled with cranberry sauce and orange zest and topped with a sweetened cream cheese glaze.  I sure love me a good sweet roll for breakfast, slathered in a sweetened cream cheese glaze. The flavor really isn’t even all that important to […]

Orange Creamsicle Cupcakes

Orange Creamsicle cupcakes are sweet cupcakes with a mild orange flavor, a fluffy marshmallow filling and an orange buttercream frosting. I ❤ creamsicle! It’s one of my favorite flavors and always my second choice when I go to get a snowball. (That’s a snow-cone for those of you not from […]

Bulleit Bourbon Orange Crush

The Bulleit Bourbon Orange Crush is my favorite drink. Bourbon is my favorite liquor. This gets me a lot of strange looks. Apparently, “girls don’t like bourbon”. 🙄 Except, I do. I’m not part of that group of women who pretends to like bourbon because it’s popular among men. I’m old, […]

Cranberry Orange Muffins

Many, many moons ago back in the beginning of my blogging days, Dunkin’ had a cranberry orange muffin as their featured muffin for fall. I think I probably ate a hundred of them while they were available. And then one day, they were just gone. Unable to give up that […]

#BundtBakers: Easy Orange Bundt Cake

September’s theme for #BundtBakers was to make a Bundt cake that included a healthy cheat, sneak or substitute, meaning you could use applesauce or bananas for oil like I did in last month’s Jewish Apple Cake, or use a flour like coconut or almond. #BundtBakers is a group of Bundt […]

Orange Chiffon Bundt Cake

I have a bit of an obsession with my Bundt pan. As I’ve mentioned before I wanted one for a long time and then once I got one I kind of stopped making cakes. Now that I’ve reorganized my kitchen cabinets (for 9,543,786,128th time) I’ve made it much easier to […]

Rosemary-Orange Roast Turkey

Every year around the holidays my uncle is given a 20 pound turkey from his work. It’s just him and my aunt so they have no use for a jumbo bird like that. After the first year I started hosting Thanksgiving my aunt asked me if she could start making […]

Orange Carrot Smoothie

I won’t lie, I was hesitant on making this smoothie. Carrot juice?! I like carrots as much as the next person, or probably even more since I could eat an entire bag of the baby versions in one sitting if I put my mind to it, but something about carrot […]