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Dairy-Free Peach Italian Cream Soda

Dairy-Free Peach Italian Cream Soda is a peach flavored delicious concoction perfect for a hot summer day! Have you ever had an Italian Cream Soda before? This recipe is the first one I’d ever tried and I am really sad to say that I have been missing out on something completely […]

Honeydew Peach Green Smoothie

Are you sick of fruit smoothies yet? Think about how I felt…I had to eat all of them in one week!   Actually, it wasn’t that bad. It made for quite the varied breakfast each morning. This was the morning that I made my cats very angry however.    See, […]

Peach Pie Crumb Bars

Peaches are in season! This is by far my favorite part of summer. I probably have something like fifty different peach recipes pinned that always try to get through in the short season that we have them. It’s kind of ridiculous. This recipe has been in that list, like forever. […]

Paleo Peach No-Bake Crisp

My coworkers birthday was last month. She is the one who had me try out the Whole 30. We have a tradition at work where birthdays come along with a card and some type of dessert. I knew she wouldn’t indulge and eat anything like cake or ice cream, so […]

SRC: Individual Peach Upside Down Cakes

For this month’s Secret Recipe Club, I was assigned to Searching for Dessert, which is right up my alley. Who isn’t searching for dessert? And if you aren’t, why haven’t you started? I will say, one of the best things about being an adult is getting to make choices like […]