Improv Cooking Challenge

Are you a foodie or food blogger looking for a new challenge? If so, you should join the Improv Cooking Challenge!

The group was initially started in 2011 (has it really been that long?!) by Sheryl of The Lady Behind the Curtain. By November of that year,  Kristen of Frugal Antics of a Harried Homemaker  had taken over. The concept was simple – two ingredients were chosen for each month and fellow bloggers were challenged to make a recipe using them. The idea stuck and in 2014, Lesa of Edesia’s Notebook took over as the host.

I’ve taken over as of June 2016 and I hope you’ll join us. Having a blog is not a requirement! Here’s some more info:

What: The Improv Cooking Challenge

Who: Food Bloggers and Foodies alike

When: the 2nd Thursday of Every Month

Why: because it’s fun!

Details:  For each month there are two assigned ingredients (scroll down to see what we have chosen for each month). Bloggers and Foodies can let their imaginations run wild, creating a sweet or savory dish featuring those two ingredients and any others that they would like.

Obligations: There are none. If the ingredients for a particular month (or months) don’t appeal to you (or you’re super busy or whatever), you aren’t required to participate or even let us know.

Substitutions: You may make similar substitutions of the ingredients to meet dietary restrictions (vegan, kosher, gluten-free, etc.) Just let us know somewhere in your post.

Technical Questions: Honestly, I’m probably not the right person to ask, but I’m sure someone in the Facebook group can help you.

New Members: If you’d like to join us, please request to join the Improv Challenge Cooking Facebook  group. 


1. Make a new-to-your-blog recipe including the assigned ingredients.

* If you are not a blogger, simply make the recipe and photograph it. *

2. Mention the Improv Challenge and link back to this page in your post.

3. Attach the blog hop (Inlinkz) code to the end of your blog post.

(You’ll find this in the Facebook group, it will be shared in advance of the reveal date.)

4. Schedule your post to publish on the designated reveal date between 6 am EST and 11:59 pm the following day. * Non-bloggers: share your photo on the Facebook page on the reveal day *

5. Optional – include the below badge in your post.

6. Optional – join our Pinterest board. You can share your recipes for each month here.

7. Optional – Use the hashtag #ImprovCooking in your blog post or on social media.

International Bloggers: Please feel free to use the following converter to make sure that your post is scheduled at the right time –

2017 Themes and Posting Dates

January 19: Lemon and Rosemary

February 16: Chocolate and Chilis

March: 16: Potato and Chive

April 20: Banana and Coconut

May 11: Cookies and Cream

June 8: Jalapeno and Cheese

July 13: Berries and Balsamic

August 10: Peaches and Pepper(s)

September 14: Apples and Honey

October 12: Sugar and Spice

November 9: Winter Squash and Bacon

December 14: Peppermint and Chocolate

* Starting May 2017 the posting date changed to the 2nd Thursday of the month *


2016 Themes and Posting Dates

January 21: Pastry/Bread dough and Chocolate

February 18: Tea and Honey

March 17: Lamb and Rice

March 21: Ham and Cheese

June 16: Mint and Melon

July 21: Peaches and Cream

August 18: Garlic and Rosemary

September 15: Sausage and Mustard

October 20: Carrots and Curry

November 17: Nuts and Caramel

December 15:  Cinnamon and Honey

I hope you’ll join us!