12 Weeks of Christmas: Week 12: Grinch Fruit

So, I absolutely did not intended to skip the last two weeks of the 12 Weeks of Christmas Treats. Week 10 was the day before Thanksgiving and I had intended to make something either Monday or Tuesday night since the weekend was just too busy. However, that didn’t end up happening at all. Wednesday morning I woke up with the intent to do all of the Thanksgiving prep, but quickly have a recipe made and shared by 9 am. Except, I looked at the clock at 7 am thinking I had tons of time and then the next time I glanced up, it was noon and I was completely in the middle of something else. Skipping one week wasn’t so bad so I let it go and continued to prep for Thanksgiving.

As you may have read, I had 20 people here on Thanksgiving. Between that, cutting down the tree on Friday and a day trip to NYC on Saturday, I was completely wiped out. I didn’t even think of cooking anything other than dinner until Tuesday morning when I realized I was completely out of time to make my recipe for week 11. To be honest, I don’t even remember what happened Tuesday night that stopped me. I just woke up Wednesday morning and went to share my post then realized there wasn’t one at all. Ooops!

However, this recipe is just so simple that there was no way to not make it. And it’s the Grinch and I told you previously during these 12 weeks that I would share as many Grinch related recipes as possible before the holidays. I actually have a list of some other things I want to make so I’ll share them with you soon!

Grinch Fruit
Source: Just a Pinch
Servings: 16
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    • 16 green grapes
    • 16 mini marshmallows
    • 16 strawberries, tops removed
    • 1 large, ripe banana, cut into 16 slices 
    • 16 toothpicks 

1. Slide a grape down to the bottom of each toothpick. Then put a banana slice on top of that, followed by the strawberry. Top with the mini marshmallow.

This really isn’t a recipe, by any means since the only prep work included is cutting off the tops of the strawberries and slicing the banana, but I couldn’t pass up sharing it with you. I know when I attend holiday parties there are usually so many heavy appetizers and foods that something light like this would be right up my alley. I definitely plan on making these for Christmas.

I hope my 10 weeks of participation lead you to find something that you could make for the holidays. Come back on Wednesday for a round-up of all 10 recipes that I shared during the 12 Weeks. I’ll have a link up to the other bloggers who wish to do the same thing.  Also, don’t forget to check out the Pinterest page. And I couldn’t post this without sending huge thanks to Brenda of Meal Planning Magic for organizing this for everyone.

Happy Holidays! 

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