Blogger’s Choice: Orange Creamsicle Martini

I signed up for this blogger’s choice recipe swap before really realizing when the submission date was. If you didn’t notice from my two previous posts this week, I am vacationing it up in sunny Florida this week.

Once I realized the date I figured I would just pick something easy to make since I would only be cooking 2 days this week. Well, that’s not true. I will probably cook at my aunt’s house, but who knows when or what I’d be making.

I didn’t mean to choose such an easy recipe, like a drink, but I just happened to have all of these ingredients hanging out in the fridge asking to be used before I went away. I’m pretty sure that was a sign.

Orange Creamsicle Martini
Source: The Redhead Baker, slightly adapted from Snappy Gourmet
Servings: 2 martinis
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    • 3/4 cup no-pulp orange juice
    • 1/4 cup half and half
    • 1/4 cup whipped cream flavored vodka
    • whipped cream, for garnish
    • orange slice, for garnish

1. Place 6 ice cubes in a cocktail shaker.
2. Combine the orange juice, half and half and flavored vodka, pour over the ice.
3. Shake, shake, shake. Shake for 30 seconds.
4. Strain into a martini glass.
5. Top with a dollop of whipped cream and an orange slice. Sip and enjoy.

I’m sorry, I couldn’t pass up the shaking in the directions there. It was just too easy. So while I did have all of the ingredients necessary to make this, guess what I didn’t have? Yep, a martini glass. See, I’m not really a martini drinker so when my mom offered up some storage space in her garage, the martini glasses were the first in the boxes to head on over. Which resulted in me running out to the dollar store and purchasing a single martini glass. Hey, whatever works, right?

I’m not a big martini girl, but these are DAMN TASTY! And with the whipped cream vodka, you almost can’t tell that you’re drinking something alcoholic. Until, you know, you stand up. So fair warning!

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  1. That sounds delicious!!

  2. Sweet baby Jesus…I need this in my life. Like, now.

  3. Ohhhhh – I've been looking for an excuse to buy whipped cream vodka (hi there, Costco!), looks like a slam dunk to me!

    (How many did you drink?)

  4. It's not too early in the morning for me to have one of these, right?? 😉 Looks great!

  5. Of course it's acceptable to drink in the morning, orange juice is in it! 🙂

  6. Only 2, although we're picking up the ingredients to make them at my aunts house tonight

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