Caprese BLT Sandwich

I needed something to eat for lunch last week so I went through the refrigerator amassing ingredients that needed to be used up. Which created this sandwich, except I had a really hard time naming it. It wasn’t quite a caprese sandwich and it wasn’t quite a BLT. It was a strange combination of both, kind of.

So if you have any better suggestions for the name of this sandwich, I am all ears. Please, share them with me.

Caprese BLT Sandwich
Source: A Cookaholic Wife Creation
Servings: 1
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    • 2 slices bread
    • 2 thin slices fresh mozzarella cheese
    • 2 thin slices tomato
    • 1 piece of bacon, cooked
    • 2-3 leaves baby spinach
    • 1 tsp. basil pesto
    • salt and pepper

1. Spread the basil pesto on both sides of the bread. Add a slice of mozzarella cheese to each slice of bread and toast until cheese has melted.
2. Season the tomato slices with salt and pepper, to taste. Break the piece of bacon in half. Assemble the sandwich by adding one of each of the remaining ingredients to each side of the bread, then top with one side and cut down the middle.

For a completely random sandwich made from ingredients hanging around, I really liked the taste and flavors of this. I’m sure it could be made even better if you used a heartier bread and maybe even a panini press instead of just toasting the bread. 

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