Day 1 of Functioning in the apartment


I really should have used today as a vacation day from work. I hardly slept last night because I kept thinking I was going to oversleep without hearing Tom's alarm too so I woke up every hour from 2 AM til 6 AM when my alarm finally went off. I rushed around getting ready this morning because even though the GPS said 36 minutes to work, I wasn't sure if I would run into any traffic or anything.

I followed the GPS exactly, which took me further south than the required weekday Dunkin Donuts trip, but I was just so tired that I didn't feel like listening to it say "Recalculating" over and over again. I'm a bit sad about leaving my old DD behind. On those mornings where you just don't feel like talking to anyone, I could walk in there and they would have my coffee ready to go. I love that kind of service. But the new DD has friendly and fast employees so I'm sure I'll be able to adapt soon. =)

I left for work around 6:30 and got there at 7:20. Tomorrow I'm going to put my aunts address into the GPS so it takes me closer to DD and see how much longer that takes.

Work was absolutely exhausting today. It was a true Monday. Everything seemed to take forever to do and there was a ton of stuff my barely working brain was required to explain. By 11 AM it felt like 3 PM. That's never a good sign.

The trip home was rather uneventful and felt a lot shorter than the way there. I love that there isn't any traffic going in either direction. (Knocking on wood so that doesn't change!)

Today was the first time in a long time that I cooked on an electric stove. Or a brand new stove for that matter. The oven is all fancy and has buttons to set the temperature, not a dial to twist. It was a bit of a challenge getting everything to be done at the same time since the burners take longer to heat up than I'm used to. I guess the real test will be once I bake something. It was also amusing to get used to the kitchen. I spent the last year prepping and cooking in an area that was about 2 foot, if that. Now I have tons of counter space I can use and I have no idea what to do with it. I'm not sure if I like the sink being on the other side of the kitchen than the stove. I feel like I'm going to drop stuff on the floor all of the time.

One of the strangest things about this apartment is there is a severe lady bug infestation. I have no idea where they are coming from, but when we first moved in, there were about 20 dead ones on the carpet in the dining room and a few more near the sliding glass door. All of the windows and doors were shut so I guess they're not coming in from the outside. Actually, as I'm typing this there is one buzzing around our ceiling light in the bedroom which is amusing the cat.

Oh, and the damn cat gave me quite a scare today. She's much more active here than she ever was at the other apartment. At the old place she would walk around at night and sometimes play and we could hear her before we went to bed. During the day she laid on the same blanket on our bed for the entire day and would occasionally get up. But rarely. Here, she walks all over the place and hangs out in the living room...something she never used to do.

Anyway, onto the scare. So Tom and I are in the bedroom on our computers and I watched the cat walk in. I thought I shut the bedroom door all of the way but I wasn't sure. An hour or so goes by and I go to look for the cat because I haven't seen her in a while. She's not on her blanket, not under the bed, not under the night tables, not in the closet, not in her litter box or the bathroom. I figured I didn't shut the door all of the way, so I go out into the living room and she's not there, she's not in the dining room and she's not in the kitchen. I start to panic a bit and wonder if when whoever was the last person to have a cigarette had the door to the balcony cracked and she went outside. So I go out there and check. Nothing. Then I checked C's bedroom and she wasn't there either. Starting to really freak out now, I go back into the bedroom to get Tom telling him that I've really misplaced the cat. We started the search all over again and this time I shake her treat bag and her food bowl which usually gets her out from any hiding place. Nothing. I start checking places that don't even make sense, like the laundry closet where she couldn't even fit, the hall closet which hasn't been opened since yesterday and inside the totes in the dining room. I start calling her name and making the psst noise. Nothing. Tom asks C to check his bedroom and he cat. Now I'm really started to freak out. What if she jumped off the balcony and is now outside freezing? So I start opening all of the doors to the cabinets and the pantry. I come back into the bedroom and search everywhere again before finally moving around the blankets on the bed.

And would you believe what I found under the blanket? Yup, that's right. The god damn cat who wouldn't respond to food, treats, her name or anything. Just laying there all content as can be. Really? It didn't even look like she was hiding under there. The blanket was folded over but not puffed up where you could tell something was there.

So apparently the cat was cold or something. She's been doing weird hiding stuff lately. If you wrap her up in her blue blanket she just stays there looking like a kitty burrito. See:

Apparently in her old age she has decided being wrapped up like a burrito is the most amusing thing you can do with her. I'm really tempted to buy her a Snuggie. I know they are completely stupid and are nothing but a backwards robe and the last thing than an animal needs is a backwards robe, but I honestly think she would like it. She constantly lays on blankets and obviously doesn't mind being wrapped up, so whats the difference? Besides, they're only $10 at Petsmart. 

Tom decided not to wait and to buy a new shower head today. Now we have real shower pressure! We're not going to misted in the tub anymore! There will be real water spray! As you can see, I'm a bit excited about that. I also called Comcast today and we have an appointment for Friday to have a technician install cable in our bedroom, so the tv can stop collecting dust.
Well, now I'm going to debate buying a Snuggie for the cat online.

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