Product Review: Bissell Pet Hair Eraser with HEPA filter

Last Friday Tom took our old vacuum to his brothers new beach house. They're doing a bunch of painting/cleaning/etc. and he went there to help. Since the vacuum was two years old and we had talked about replacing it anyway he figured he might as well donate it to the new house.

Originally, I wanted the Dyson Animal Ball because of the great reviews it had but I just wasn't comfortable spending (or registering) for a $500 vacuum. Sure the thing would probably last 5 years and we would completely get our moneys worth, but it was just too big of an expense. I looked at the reviews for the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser and decided that it was just as good as the Dyson but a fraction of the price ($140).

When I went to order the vacuum I searched for the best price and found that Walmart had the one with the HEPA filter for $115. It was just too good of a price to pass up. So we ordered it and it arrived yesterday.

Of course, we immediately had to put it together and see just how well it did. Tom vacuumed the dining room and the living room and the results were pretty damn amazing. I figured this was the perfect time to give a review of just how good this is.

We moved in at the end of February. No one had lived in this apartment before us and the carpet was brand new. I vacuumed every weekend with the old vacuum so there wasn't a lot of build up of cat hair, dirt, dust, whatever. After just doing those two rooms, with the pet hair attachment down (not using any of the other attachments or using the hose to get in the corners), we had completely filled the canister with pet hair. You couldn't see any of the pet hair on the carpet before but obviously it was there, hiding. It definitely deep cleaned the carpet and  pulled up a ton of the fibers that the carpet is still shedding from being new. When you walked over a vacuumed area, you left footprints again. We hadn't seen that since the first weekend we moved in.

A few minutes ago I vacuumed the bedroom which is where the cat spends most of her time. Another full canister of pet hair. Amazing. So now,

- removes pet hair that you can't even see
- deep cleans the carpet
- hose tool gets right up against the baseboards and in other small areas
- indicator light tells you when to empty the canister
- filter is washable
- has two separate other pet tools for cleaning in smaller hard to reach spots
- extra long cord. I can vacuum the whole length of the apartment.
- has a part that can be pushed down for removing pet hair or left up to just vacuum

- heavy to push around

Honestly, this is new my favorite toy. I hate vacuuming and really despise having to do it. Not with this at all. Its almost fun (in a weird kind of way) to see just how much pet hair you can pull from the carpet.

And the disclaimer crap. I wrote this review based off my own opinions. Bissell has no knowledge of this review and I will not receive any type of compensation for it.

But seriously, if you have any pets at all, this thing is awesome. Go buy one. Today!

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