Weekly Meal Breakdown #10


One of my absolute favorite foods in the world is popcorn. Its closely followed by pretzels. Honestly, I could eat popcorn for lunch and dinner just about every night and never get sick of it. When I get a really bad headache, I have a glass of iced tea with lemon and a bag of lightly buttered popcorn and 95% of the time, the headache goes away.  I used to eat the Smart Balance kind but they don't carry it in the grocery stores up here, so I've had to settle for regular popcorn.

Last night I realized that I was out of popcorn. This was a really sad realization as I really wanted popcorn. I had come back from my friends baby shower where I picked at various different foods and wasn't really hungry but hungry enough that I wanted popcorn.

So Tom and I went to Walmart. We had to pick up a card for his mom and a few other things anyway. And guess what he bought me.
Yup, that is 48 packages of popcorn. Do you have any idea how awesome that is? And what's even better is that those gigantic packages of popcorn are only $5 each at Walmart. There is a blog I read pretty often (http://temerity-jane.com/) and every day TJ has a post about why her fiance is the right guy for her to marry. The above picture is one of the many reasons why I'm going to marry Tom. He buys me insane quantities of popcorn! And here is the sad part, I'm pretty sure that those gigantic 3.5 lb boxes of popcorn won't last more than a month. I ate one last night and I'm currently munching on one now.

And now onto the meals for the week, since that is the point of this post.

Monday - Chicken Sesame Noodles
3 chicken breasts  $2.77
1/2 package noodles $0.75
1 red pepper $0.89
4 green onion stalks $0.21
Total: $4.62

Tuesday - Steak with Garlicky Fries and Corn
3 steaks $11.93 (I was too lazy to wait to get a bulk package, forgive me?)
3 potatoes $0.48
3 tbs. compound butter $0.25 (I made this and the price is basically 1 stick of butter)
1/2 package of frozen corn $0.45
Total: $12.66

Wednesday - Pork Tenderloin with Roasted Pears
1 lb. pork tenderloin $9.84
2 pears $0.64
1 loaf bread $0.00 (we bought 2 last week)
Total: $10.48
I might substitute the bread for rice but I'm not sure yet. It will depend on how the recipe goes.

Thursday - Emeril's Shrimp & Pasta w/ Garlic, Lemon, Crushed Red Pepper and Green Onions
1 lb. shrimp $3.99
1/2 box linguine $0.50
1 stick butter $0.25
4 green onion stalks $0.21
1 lemon (juice) $0.32
Total: $5.27

Friday - Linguine Alla Carbonara
1/2 box linguine $0.50
6 slices bacon $0.72
3 eggs $0.33
1 onion $0.14
Total: $1.69

The total for the week is: $34.62. Pretty good considering there were 2 meals over $10. Oh, and I apologize for not having a cooking for beginners meal last week. I was ridiculously tired all week and it was enough effort just to make dinner. Since this week contains pretty simple recipes, I think I can do two of them. 

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