Weekly Menu 3/27 - 4/1


Ah, Friday. How I love thee. It's been a really long week at work. My coworker had a death in the family and hasn't been in the office since Monday. Since I work in a really small office, that meant I was responsible for answering the phone. Which isn't a big deal and its not like its constantly ringing but when no one else has any desire to help out with the phones, it means I actually have to ask someone else to answer them if I need to walk away from my desk to heat up lunch, refill my coffee, or even pee. Pretty annoying.

Today I had a half day though. I met with my allergist for the third time and we've determined I'm damn near allergic to everything, including lady bugs as I had previously thought. So it appears that Zyrtec-D and Patanase nasal spray will become my close friends. I had allergies as a kid and they went away in a few years so hopefully I'll follow the same pattern this time. After my allergist, I had a hair appointment. I know its bad for your hair, but I get mine relaxed/straightened each year. Without it, I tend to resemble a really ugly poodle whether its humid or not. My hair stylist talked me into letting my bangs grow into a side-swept bang. My fingers are crossed I can patiently hold out while my bangs grow another couple of inches to get to the right length for it.

Anyway, onto the menu.

Sunday - potato and bacon soup (I didn't get to make this a few week ago)

Monday - chicken cordon bleu roll ups with fries and sugared asparagus

Tuesday - lasagna stuffed garlic bread

Wednesday - pierogi

Thursday - arroz con pollo

Friday - beef au jus sandwiches with gravy fries (after seeing someone else make it, I was reminded of how good it is and just how much I wanted it!)

Its a pretty simple menu this week, filled with tons of stuff that Tom likes. When I made the menu yesterday and showed it to him he asked if he had done something really good he didn't know about and this was his reward. Ha ha.

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