The Night I Threw Pasta Across the Kitchen


Before I started cooking on a frequent basis, I used to look at different blogs with their gorgeous pictures of food and I got this silly thought in my head that people who cook on a regular basis must never have bad days in the kitchen. They wouldn't have a boiling pot overflow all over their stove or accidentally cut or burn themselves. They just floated around in this happy world of a perfect kitchen with perfect recipes.

Silly right? But if you've ever thought anything like this I figure I should tell you that we ALL have days in the kitchen where we just wonder if we should have stayed in bed. Wanna hear a story?

Last night I met up with some friends and we went to a bar in my hometown for karaoke. I had two glasses of wine, which in all reality means I should have been perfectly fine today, but since I didn't eat very much last night I just felt kinda blah with a headache.

Determined to ignore the semi-hangover, I went to Target this morning to get a prescription refilled. While waiting, I inevitably added a ton of crap to my basket one of which included a cute little serving bowl that would be perfect for pasta.

Fast forward 8 hours or so and I feel pretty much back to my old self but I'm craving carbs. I don't know why, but alcohol always makes me want carbs. Thinking of my new pretty bowl that just went through the dishwasher, I figure I'll make some buttered garlic noodles and serve them in the bowl so I can see just how a pasta dish will look in it.

Finally my dish is prepared and I'm getting ready to go eat it when I realize there is a still a small amount of butter that hadn't melted. So I put the bowl in the microwave for a few seconds to melt it. I get the bowl out, gingerly holding it since I don't know if its going to be hot or not and somehow while attempting to place the bowl on the counter, my arm grazes the heating element that is still pretty warm from boiling the noodles. My reaction was of course to let go of the bowl and jerk back. But I didn't completely let go of the bowl as I jerked back which resulted in me hurling the pasta and bowl across my kitchen. Which impressively shattered into about 1,000 pieces. GRR!

I'm pretty sure only a blogger or food photographer would be more pissed at breaking a bowl they've had for less than 12 hours than burning their arm. Granted, I barely grazed the heating element so I don't have a real burn, it just shocked me more than anything. But I am absolutely livid at breaking the bowl. The buttered noodles look perfect in it and I couldn't wait to make a pasta dish later this week and photograph it in that bowl.

So I guess I'm going back to Target sometime this week to pick up another bowl.

Have you had a bad day in the kitchen recently? Commiserate with me in the comments section!

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