Weekly Menu 9/30 - 9/4


It's been an interesting weekend. Let's start off with Friday.

I took off work Friday so I had the entire day to prepare for the party on Saturday. But somehow that kinda morphed into a shopping trip where I bought a ton of new sweaters from H&M, returned a dress from JC Penney and found really cute placemats and napkins, and picked up a new duvet at Target. So in between all of that shopping, I did manage to prepare the majority of the food and get the apartment cleaned.

But that didn't mean I was completely exhausted. Because I was. I didn't realize how heavy groceries are until you need to carry them in yourself. Up three flights of steps. And because you went a little shop-happy, making 9 trips to and from your car.

So, about that party. Initially it was a party for my family (mostly from the eastern shore) to come up and eat since neither of us make the trek in either direction to celebrate Thanksgiving or Christmas together. Well, everyone but my family that lives around me currently ended up canceling. But since I had food and intended to have a party, I just changed up the menu and invited my friends.

The initial party menu was comprised of mainly foods that I had never made before, which would have probably been a week-full of new recipes. But when the guest list changed, I decided to change the menu as well to cater to tastes, and well...I might as well be honest, to make it easier on myself. I do have a couple new recipes from the party that I'll be able to share with you though.

Then we have this little issue of the menu this week. I decided I was going to try a diet that comes along with the new workout dvd's that I bought. It's definitely not food that Tom is going to eat so for the most part he is going to fend for himself this week. I'm sure its going to be quite easy on my end to shove salad after salad down my throat while he's eating fun stuff like pizza and burgers, but I'd like to see if this diet will jumpstart my my weight loss, since nothing else appears to be doing so.

If I make it through the 6 days of this diet, I will share the meals and the results with you. If not, we'll just pretend that it never happened, okay? :-)

There are leftovers from the party that he can have tonight, enchiladas in the freezer, and one of the dinners in my diet is steamed shrimp and steamed sugar snap peas so at least three nights he'll have dinner.

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