Recipe Swap: Chicken and Spinach


When I received my recipe from Sarah for this swap, my immediate thought was "damn". We are supposed to let Sarah know if there are ingredients that we don't like so she doesn't send us a recipe that includes them. Since I'm pretty to eating just about anything, I never think to mentioned the few ingredients which I don't like.

Unfortunately, this recipe included two of them. Olives and feta cheese. I've tried to like both of them, eating them multiple times throughout my life waiting for the whole "your tastebuds change" thing to happen, but they never did for these two ingredients.

I stared at the recipe for a few minutes trying to figure out what substitutions I could make and still call it "Greek Chicken". I wasn't able to come up with any, so I resigned to changing the name of the recipe. I'll be honest, I hate having to do this. It makes me feel like I've failed the original recipe, even though I'm substituting similar ingredients.

Anyway, this recipe is from Kate over at Kate's Recipe Box. I receive her new blog posts via email and since checking my email is one of the first things I do in the morning, I typically get to drool over what she's shared with the blogosphere before I even get out of bed.

(I forgot to add the blue cheese at first, and all those pics turned out blurry)

Chicken and Spinach
Source: Kate's Recipe Box
Servings: 1
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    • 1 small boneless, skinless chicken breast
    • 1 tbsp. flour
    • 1 tsp. oregano
    • pinch each of salt and pepper
    • 1 tbsp. olive oil 
    • 1 clove garlic, minced
    • 6-8 grape tomatoes, halved
    • 2 cups baby spinach leaves
    • 3-4 capers
    • 1 tsp. blue cheese crumbles
1. In a shallow dish, combine the flour, oregano, salt and pepper.
2. Add the olive oil to a skillet and heat over medium-high heat.
3. Dredge the chicken through the flour mixture and place into the skillet. Cook for 4-5 minutes on each side or until cooked through.
4. Remove the chicken to a plate.
5. Add the garlic, spinach, tomatoes, and capers to the skiller and cook for 1-2 minutes or until the spinach is just slightly wilted.
6. Plate the spinach mixture and top with the chicken. Season with additional salt and pepper to taste. Top with the blue cheese crumbles.

I'm not sure that the capers really fit in here, but I picked up a jar at the store the other week and they'd been taunting me to use them from the pantry. They added a decent amount of saltiness and vinegary bite to the dish that I'd assume most people wouldn't like, but I'm weird and I did.

I ate this for lunch over the weekend and found it to be a nice, light meal. You could easily stuff this into pita bread or on a sub roll for a heartier dish, but I didn't think it was necessary.


  1. I'm with you on not liking olives!! I usually just omit them from Greek-themed recipes :)

  2. Don't like olives or feta...crazy! Next time let me know - it's not a problem. I'm glad you were able to make some modifications and have it taste good.


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