Weekly Menu 6/16 - 6/20


It's the middle of June! How did this happen? The weather hasn't been typical for this time of the year which makes it seem even weirder that June is already half way over.

So you probably heard about that evil bastard of a storm that started over in Illinois and beat cities and counties and states straight through to the Atlantic Ocean right? Well, one of those is a derecho. The same type of storm that left me without power last June for nearly 48 hours.

We were extremely lucky this time and missed the brunt of the storm, however from the significant rains that we've had recently, there was a lot of flooding. Luckily every dried out nicely yesterday and we spent the day at my mom's house. It was a perfect 82 degree sunny day with just enough clouds in the sky to provide you with shade once you got too hot. If I could capture my perfect summer day, it would be just like yesterday was.

Today and tomorrow however, we have a chance of thunderstorms. I really hope it doesn't happen because if I don't see rain for another month I'd be okay.

Sunday - Panko Chicken with Corn Hash 

Monday - Maryland Crab Soup 

Tuesday - my recipe swap meal

Wednesday - Tennessee Burgers with Bacon and Bourbon and Fries 

Thursday - Philly Cheesesteak Calzones

I'm going simple for breakfast and lunch this week, fruit parfaits and BLT sandwiches. 

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