Weekly Menu 2/16 - 2/20


Romantic beings that we are, Tom and I decided to go to Costco after work on Friday to pick up some items for our new deep freezer. I hadn't planned to do this quite so soon and ended up rushing around to write a grocery list and pick out what freezer meals I was going to make. Which resulted in me needing to visit the grocery store Friday, Saturday and today. That's definitely not going to happen again.

So, I only planned on a few meals but something happened when we were at Costco and things kept showing up in the cart and then we checked out significantly poorer than when we entered the store. Now I know most people go to Costco and load up on foods and spend hundreds of dollars. However, I've never managed to go over $175 and thought we would be in the same range. Uh no. We weren't even close.

However, we did end up with quite a few non-meats items, such as a 5 pack of deodorant for Tom  and one for me, a new cordless phone, strawberries, two pizzas for dinner, green beans, ziploc bags in a variety of sizes and 42 pounds of cat litter. I'm glad I was able to talk myself out of chicken stock, honey, and rice considering I quickly found that I have absolutely no pantry space left either to store these things.

I'm starting to think Tom is right when he says we don't need to buy a house, we need to buy a restaurant with an apartment attached. :/

I spent ALL day Saturday making freezer meals and ended up with quite the impressive list. Oh, and our plans to only partially fill the freezer? Yeah that completely went to shit because the freezer is full and the freezer attached to the fridge is 3/4 full.

First, a list of all the freezer meals I made:
Ground Beef: soy-balsamic burgers, herbed meatballs, asian meatballs, shepherd's pie, 1.5 pounds plain ground beef
Eye Round Roast: chipotle-pepper crusted roast, plain roast
Pork: Indonesian pork tenderloin, dijon-herb pork tenderloin, cardamon-crusted pork tenderloin, gouda-bacon stuffed pork tenderloin
Ground Turkey: turkey-scallion burgers, turkey bacon cheeseburger meatloaf cups, two individual packages of ground turkey
Meatless: 28 oz. vodka cream sauce, 4 pizza dough, 2 ricotta-spinach calzones and 2 pepperoni calzones

I haven't done anything with the chicken yet and we also bought a large package of pierogi and a large package of spicy Italian sausage.

I definitely plan on making a freezer meals post soon!

And now for the menu this week,

Sunday: Parmesan-herb chicken tenders, bang bang cauliflower, corn 

Monday: stuffed flank steak, soy-cilantro roasted red potatoes, sauteed spinach 

Tuesday: barbecue turkey meatballs, mashed potatoes, green beans 

Wednesday: shrimp bisque

Thursday: chili 

For breakfast this week I'm having orange-cranberry bread again. Lunch will be a veggie pasta and desserts for the week include salted caramel bark and quadruple chocolate pudding cookies.

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