Easter Menu

As I have mentioned many times after sharing holiday recipes with you, I have a tendency to make too many appetizers and my family has a tendency to eat too many of those appetizers. A few hours pass and we’re all still full, but there’s an entire dinner still waiting to be eaten. I did debate on having Easter be full of nothing but appetizers, but I changed my mind at the last minute and decided to go for an actual dinner route, with a limited amount of appetizers so we can actually enjoy the main dishes.

We’re having Easter on Sunday at 2 pm. Here’s the plan:

deviled eggs (made by my aunt, as usual)
tomato tart
cheese tray

Main and Sides
ham (my mom always picks one up from Heavenly Ham)
sauerkraut and kielbasa (brought by my aunt)
rosemary roasted baby potatoes
crispy parmesan asparagus

hot cross buns
Easter bread (Tom’s grandmother’s recipe that he won’t allow me to blog)

egg nest cups 
fruit salad
lemon blueberry layer cake
truffle (also made by my aunt)

While not a completely balanced meal, I feel like it’s definitely a start in the right direction. I have realized that I don’t have the traditional Easter recipes to share with you because they’re made by family and I plan on changing that. I like ham other than just for Easter and Christmas, so while I won’t be buying a 20 pounder any time soon, I will start sharing ham recipes with you. I might also take my chances and make deviled eggs one day. 

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