Weekly Menu 4/13 - 4/17


Easter is next weekend! When did that happen? I realized I never even finalized my menu and shared it with you, so I'm going to work on that day and I'll share it later this week.

The weather this weekend has been absolutely incredible. I serious debated on not having anything prepared to share this week in order to spend the entire weekend outside, but I thought you might miss me, so I comprised and spent a bit of time outside on Saturday.

Yesterday we also went out to dinner for my birthday to Pairings Bistro which recently switched over to their spring menu. I had a really hard time deciding what to get, but ended up doing the 4 courses with wine pairings. I had cream of crab soup for an appetizer, followed by a strawberry spinach salad, then grilled shrimp over tomato grits and for dessert a strawberry lemonade sorbet topped with moscato. It was all delicious.

Tom had the same soup as me, tried the orzo salad and his dinner was cola braised pork belly with whole grain mustard and cornbread puree. That was damn magical. I think I'm getting that next time we go there. For dessert he had a chocolate brownie and inhaled it before I even had a chance to ask for a bite.

I kind of fell off the clean eating bandwagon with all of the stomach issues I was having but after this week I'm going to make more of an effort to eat clean. The menu for this week is kind of random. I never made the breakfast risotto the last time I planned on it, so I added that back in. The spare ribs were an impulse buy from the store because I've never made ribs before. The stromboli is a freezer meal I made a while back. The hoagie is from when I stupidly decided to watch Food Network while doing a juice cleanse and saw a sandwich with so many wonderful ingredients I couldn't wait to make it. I really hope this one turns out pretty enough to photograph because I am so hopeful to share it. And the tot-chos are because my internet friends have been talking about them and then Taste of Home magazine provided me with a recipe and I figured, might as well!

Sunday - breakfast risotto

Monday - bbq spare ribs, fries, salad

Tuesday - stromboli, salad

Wednesday - hoagies and fries

Thursday - tater tot-chos 

For breakfast this week I'm having a blueberry granola bar with a Greek yogurt glaze. Lunches will be spicy basil beef salad because my basil plant is growing out of control.

I'm crossing my fingers while typing this but I think I may have finally found the secret to growing herbs indoors. It appears a self-water planter is the way to go! 

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