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I make no guarantees that any recipes will be shared with you this week. It's going to be another one of those crazy busy hectic weeks where all I want to do is sleep. Today we're having a goodbye party for Calvin who is moving back home. I spent all day yesterday making food because I got a really late start on cooking and baking.

I sat down at 8 with the intent to blog something for this week when my neck seized up and along came a migraine. I still need to run to Ikea and make a few more things and with people here for the majority of the day, I have no idea if I'll have the energy or time to get anything posted.

This week my coworker is on vacation. We usually just scrape by each week with her and I working at least 45 hours. I have no idea what this week is going to be like work-wise.

Because of that, dinners are going to be simple. The meals for this week are all coming from the freezer since I realized we had way too much stuff in there that was quickly approaching the eat or toss mark.

Sunday: party leftovers

Monday: Stromboli 

Tuesday: Indonesian pork, baked potatoes, green beans 

Wednesday: pot roast

Thursday: sausages and peppers 

For breakfast this week I'm having a baked oatmeal with peaches and for lunch, ABT's (avocado, bacon and tomato) in a wrap.

Bread, and most grains in general, still make me feel like crap but I needed something that didn't need to be prepared this weekend since I don't have any time. Next week I'm going to work on continuing to clean out the freezer, and I think after the concert (August 2nd) I'm going to do another Whole30. I've had too much unhealthy stuff recently and I'm positive this is why I have a migraine and feel so terrible. 

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