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Sometime back in late August, Tom suggested that we have a Halloween party this year and that we should dress up as Hook and Emma from ABC’s Once Upon A Time. In case you missed my previous posts where I’ve talked about it, it is my favorite television show.

I never thought I would be interested in a show about fairy tales (and I started watching right before the second season aired) but I am 100% completely hooked. (Pun intended, considering the actor who plays Captain Hook is my tv crush)

Anyway, I will always jump at the opportunity to host a party so I got to thinking about what Once-themed foods I could serve. And then I created a secret Pinterest board to store them on because I didn’t want anyone else to steal my ideas.

But since the party is tomorrow and I plan on sharing recipes with you next week, here is the insanely large and incredibly detailed menu I created go along with the show.

Once Upon A Menu 

Mr. Gold’s Magic Wands 
Dwarf Dip 
Fairy Veggie Dip 
Main Dishes:
Emma’s Grilled Cheese Sandwiches
Granny’s Lasagna
Charming’s Shepherds Pie
Hook’s Rum Punch
Archie’s Grasshopper Shots
Ruby’s Red Mixers
Mad Hatters Sweet Tea (non-alcoholic)
Henry’s Hot Chocolate with Cinnamon Cupcakes
Regina’s Apple Turnovers
Snow White’s Poisoned (Caramel) Apples
Belle’s Bookies 

If you’ve never watched Once Upon A Time, I highly suggest you head on over to Netflix and get yourself caught up quickly! The fourth season aired on September 28th, so depending on how well you Netflix-binge, you’re not that far behind!

I’ve tried to briefly recap the show but I just can’t. Too many interesting things happen so all I can do is summarize what each season contains.

Season One: believing in magic and breaking curses
Season Two: revenge and alliances
Season Three: Neverland and the Wicked Witch
Season Four: Frozen and never giving up hope on those that you love

But to tie it all into the menu, each of the foods relate to a character, whether in their fairytale form or their Storybrooke, Maine form. (Mr. Gold is Rumplestiltskin who has a wand, Prince Charming used to be a shepherd before be became a prince, Archie is Jiminy Cricket hence the grasshopper, Regina is the Evil Queen known for poisoning people with apples, etc.)

My goal is to get as many of these recipes blogged before Halloween if possible. Fingers crossed! But even if I don’t, expect to see a lot of the above recipes shared here, most likely with a Once Upon A Time back story.

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