Christmas 2014 Menu

One thing I have learned in trying to plan a Christmas menu each year is that I need to be prepared for it to change. Even though I host and I tell my family what I want them to make, it never fails that they decide to make other things as well and then we end up with 6 appetizers and 5 different types of dessert for less than 10 people.

I went through the previous menus I’d shared with you and found there were a decent amount of things I never actually blogged. The intent for this year is to get them blogged, finally! And possibly even update some pictures on the items I’m told I need to make every year.

Christmas 2014 Menu 

french onion puff pastry bites
cranberry turkey meatballs
cheeseball and crackers

honey ham

crock pot mashed potatoes
macaroni and cheese
brussels sprouts with bacon
thyme roasted carrots and parsnips
corn maque choux
honey pear cranberry sauce

rosemary dinner rolls

eggnog cupcakes
mini bourbon chocolate pecan pies

Christmas Punch

I’m quite sure some deviled eggs and another dessert will magically appear on the list somehow. It always seems to!

What are you making this Christmas?

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  1. A festive and delicious menu. I am sure everyone will enjoy.
    Merry Christmas. xo Catherine

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