Preparing for a Whole30

This January I’m going to participate in another Whole30. Dare to join me? I really think you should because I can almost guarantee you that after 30 days of this lifestyle, you’re going to feel better. Physically and mentally. And you might even look better too.

No, I’m not just talking about losing weight, although if that is enough of a motivator for you, go for it! But I meant your skin. You drink a lot of water on a Whole 30 and one thing I definitely noticed was how much clearer and brighter my skin looked.

Now the reason why I’m sharing this post with you today and not on January 1 is for two reasons. One because you need to prepare and two, because I am not starting it on January first. (I’ll explain why on new years eve.)

Don’t let the idea of preparing for a new lifestyle discourage you. It really isn’t that difficult at all. There are just a few simple (but possibly time consuming) things you’ll want to accomplish first.

Read: It Starts with Food 
Do you have a Kindle? Did you get an Amazon gift card for the Christmas? The Kindle version of this book is only $9.99. If you really don’t want to read the book, you can find just as much information on their website, Whole30. Make sure to read the rules, print out the shopping lists and maybe even sign up for their emails. Accountability, even in email form helps.

Meal Planning
I won’t lie to you. A Whole30 takes work. To give yourself your best chance, you really should take the time to meal plan in advance. Now, how far in advance you want to plan is entirely up to you. I tend to plan out the entire month but that might be too much for some people. As long as you have a plan for breakfast, lunch and dinner for at least one week at a time and the knowledge that you’ll need to do this weekly, you’ll be just fine. Now there are a lot of great blogs out there with tons of Paleo and Whole30 friendly recipes. I am huge fan of the website, which allows you to search for recipes based off your dietary restrictions and then to narrow down by breakfast, lunch, etc.

Removing Temptation
If you don’t have it, you won’t eat it. Clean out the pantry and fridge of any items you think could cause you to stray from the Whole30 lifestyle. This includes alcohol, candies, snacks, pasta, etc.

Find Friends 
As I mentioned above, accountability is key. Do you have a spouse, friend, coworker or family member that might want to join you on this journey? Invite them along! Check in with each other daily or just when you need someone to talk you down from that candy bar laden ledge.

For internet friends, start following PrimalPalate, Whole30Recipes and PaleoCupboard on Instagram.

Lifestyle Changes
I will be 100% honest with you, it is not easy to eat meals out when you are participating in a Whole30. If this is not a good month for you, chose a month where you know you can prepare the bulk of your meals at home. I’ll be doing another one of these in March if you want to join me then. If you know you’ll need to pick up dinner on the way home or you have a business lunch one day, look at the menu for the location ahead of time. Knowing what you’ll have in advance helps you make better decisions.

You Are Only Human
By no means am I giving you an excuse to cheat. I am simply telling you that we are all human and we all slip up sometimes. However, if this happens to you, you need not fret over it. Accept defeat for that moment and move on. Do not think that you need to give up entirely or wait until the next week to try again. That’s how you’ll stop completely. Believe me, I know. Immediately return to your previous Whole30 eating habits and continue on as nothing happened.

So who is in? Leave me a comment and let me know? Or ask me any questions you might have. I’ll try my best to answer them.

Even though I am not starting the Whole30 on January 1, I have no problems with being morale support for others. Contact me on Facebook or Twitter!

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